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Geek's March Mock

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Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
Geek...overall, I like it quite a bit. However (there's always one of these, huh), I'm not sold Baalke will re-sign Snyder. Now that Solari has the youngsters Kilgore & Person to develop, not sure they'd necessarily keep Snyder. What I can see him doing is getting a starting-caliber OG to strengthen the interior of the OL. Love the Doug Martin pick...he's the complete RB, does everything well, including pass protection and as a bonus, returns kicks. Really, there's nothing not to like about your mock...I'd just take an OG earlier. I do see Harbaugh acquiring Josh Johnson...he has no veteran protection behind Alex and that's an unenviable position to be in. JJ can be had for not a lot of $$, has some talent and a very strong connection to Harbaugh. If they can get another vet OLB to b/u Smith and Brooks, great. Haralson's in the last year of his contract, anyway. Nice job, man.

Thanks for the props. You are so right...there's not a perfect mock out there.

I think Baalke wants to keep Snyder because of his ability to play center, guard, and tackle. Does he see Snyder as a starter? Probably not. But if he receivers situational starter pay, and accepts the opportunity to compete with Kilgore, then I see him coming back. Continuity is key for the success of the offensive line. In terms of taking one earlier, I think the front office is sick of picking OLers so early that they can find a late round prospect. Kilgore was the guy last year. If the staff believes in him, then I don't think OL will be addressed early.

I like the Josh Johnson idea, but that undercuts Kaepernick quite a bit. Kaepernick will be entering year 2, and will have better knowledge of Harbaugh's NFL playbook vs. Johnson. If Johnson is willing to sign a vet min contract, why not? But teams like the Seahawks, Jets, and the Cardinals wil be on the market for a FA or draftee to compete for the starting gig.

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Originally posted by GEEK:
Pellerin would actually be the backup to Goldson as a Free Safety. Spillman is definitely a strong safety, and Colin Jones is strictly a special teams player. We need depth, and Pellerin would focus on FS, with the possible option of playing at CB due to injury.

But appreciate the kind words!

awe cool, but just to remind you, Cory Nelms is apparently switching to Safety so we already have a guy developing in that position right now. Technically leaving our Safet DC like this with both SS and FS mixed


Cory Nelms

ST guys

Thats not including Madieu (who apparently could come back but probably wont). IMHO we cant really afford to be teaching a guy a new position or having him focus on a new role without re-signing Madieu or another veteran. Drafting a full time S from college sounds like a better option to me.
I don't think the trade has a very good chance of happening. If the Bears want Fleener I'm assuming they will take Fleener in the 1st.

Really I'm not a fan of breaking down mock drafts like this because it's not very often that you get that sweet trade down deal. I read that we wanted that Cleveland deal last year but ended up having to take Aldon.

Sometimes you actually win out by making the pick. Just ask New England and all of the talent they've passed on (Clay Matthews).
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i like Turbin over Martin
Like the trade could be very positive for us
Benard had extremely good years in 09 and 10 as an underrated pass rusher. But, hes not a free agent.
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Originally posted by 49ergenius:
Benard had extremely good years in 09 and 10 as an underrated pass rusher. But, hes not a free agent.
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