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TheGoldStandard Mock Draft (3-02)

I would rather get wallace but he will want a big contract so in that case I can go with out wallace. But of we take offense at 30 would rather take Fleener if he is still there.
Fleener would be fine, you can't underrate tight ends in our offense, but copycat league that it is I don't see him still on the board at 30. Some team will want him to be their Gronk/Graham type, if he's on the board though absolutely.
Other than Jeffery with the 1st, I like the draft. The Jeffery pick stinks it up bad.

Warning: Mute the music

If you like Marques Colston how can you not like Alshon Jefferies? As long as he checks out I like Jefferies better than Randle and Hill.
Only like two of the picks, Turbin and Wylie. Everyone else, I think the Niners could do a lot better.
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Worst mock draft I've ever seen!!!!

Originally posted by Fricker:
i agree no thanks to jeffery.. and a TE in rd 2?? when we have VD, Delanie, and Byham on the roster? really??

Delainie with his 19 catches and 198 yards, Bynam with his 5 career catches for a whopping 27 yards coming off a season ending injury. Yes. We had the 30th ranked passing game the first two picks rectify that in short order. And as the depth chart showed Delainie would see more time as an all purpose H-Back, ala Chris Cooley.

For all the Jeffrey haters, *kanye shrug*, the same people were predicting he'd show up to the combine weighing 240, 250, even 270 lbs. He showed up at 216 and yet the weight watchers group persist, he dominated the SEC, has all the measurables, and top 10 talent at pick 30 at a position of huge need. I'm not one for unfounded rumors, he produced on the field and showed up to the combine ready to go, beyond that I'll leave the psych evaluations to those who actually interviewed with him, because its certainly not an on the field issue.
Gold, I actually really like the draft. Jefferies is in the dog house right now but no one really knows why. He has a resume to prove his worth and he played at a tough school. People say he is slow but that's just funny. Jerry Rice wasn't the fastest wr either. All the db's that Jefferies burned probably thought he was slow as well. Kiper says he could be the best wr in the draft.
I'm assuming Egnew is because we missed Fleener. Another tall TE is what we need. Delanie had 6 straight games without a catch. That is not a scary weapon for opposing defenses.
I will never complain about adding depth to the Oline.
Turbin is awesome although I don't know if he will be there in the 4th.
It seems most people don't think Turbin will be available, I was hoping he'd drop do to playing for a small school, but I guess not.

I'm glad people have soured on Jeffrey it's the only reason he might be available at our pick. From a talent and production standpoint he should be long gone, "character concerns" only became a talking point after the season, it was never a concern during the college season. I figure Fleener doesn't make it to us without a trade otherwise he could be the pick at 30, but after his combine his stock looks to be on the rise.
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