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JamesGatz83 Mock #1 (2/26/12)

Originally posted by JamesGatz83:
LOL. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was about to include Stephen Hill at #30 but remembered that I don't pleasure myself to digits on a stopwatch... unless I'm really desperate.

P.S. You're all a bunch of Al Davis-wannabe's.

lol I was just trolling you dude, it's all good
Originally posted by fan49:
HILL #1 pick all the way. fleener will be around in second. no way in hell we should wait til the 3rd for a wr we need to start day 1

Originally posted by WillistheWall:
lol I was just trolling you dude, it's all good

LOL. I know. For the most part I've been trolling the combine fanatics who love Hill with my Hill-bashing posts. Truth be told, I like following the combine, and I'd love it if Hill fell to the 2nd round or if we traded up into the early 2nd to take him.
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