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Melvin Ingram at 30?

Lets say Ingram is there at 30, do you take him as the eventual replacement to Brooks?

The guy is a beast and he gets to the QB. Aldon Smith and Melvin Ingram coming off the edges gives us a dominant and young pass rush.

WR should be addressed in FA. We need a guy that can step in and DOMINATE now. WRs usually take time to develop unless they are extraordinary (Calvin Johnson).

The Niner's need to keep their Defense elite while adding the necessary offensive weapons carefully and judiciously.

We need possibly 2 CBs and depth at defensive line to develop behind Justin Smith and Isaac Sopoaga.

I'd rather have Melvin at 30 than a slow WR that can't get open. We have 3 of those guys already.

The explosive offensive threat WRs won't fall that far. Sanu and Jeffrey are not explosive.

Dwayne Bowe, Colston, VJax, Mike Wallace are the types of players I would pay money for.

We are very close. K Williams cost us a SB. I will never get over that.
I'm down. If he is the bpa, then hell yea. He'll probably get picked in the teens but who knows.

if we lose brooks and alshon /floyd/wright are not on the board

ya take him
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:

if we lose brooks and alshon /floyd/wright are not on the board

ya take him

It would be a solid pick IMO but I think he goes 17-24ish...
This guy grew up and played High School ball in Richmond Senior High (20 minutes down the road from me). He is a beast and probably the best player to come out that school. They have had several players play in the NFL as well. The town has a Varsity Blues type feeling every time I drive through there. It is just a little old poor country town that takes pride in their football team. The best game I ever seen live was when they played Charlotte Independence for the State Championship 8 years ago when I went to see one of my good friends play for them. They lost 20-18 in the final seconds but talk about passion with the players, coaches, and parents/fans crying. Sorry I am getting off subject but I do not think he is there by the time we pick. He is a top 20 pick IMO.
Been high on Ingram for a while now... I suspect he would be the BPA if he fell to # 30. There are very few prospects that I'd take over him at that point.
Won't make it out of the top 15.
I think he can still be good when he's 30, probably not as fast though.
Yes stephon hill in the second, xavier roads in the third, robert turbin in the fourth, bpa after that.

i would love to take him in the 1st
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:

if we lose brooks and alshon /floyd/wright are not on the board

ya take him

Meh, I'll take him over WR Bust #1, WR Bust #2 and Wright will in no way/shape/form be on the board at 30.

If Ingram falls to 30, you draft him, thank your lucky stars and imagine an Aldon/Ingram duo.
He could be a Niner................ if we moved up about 15 spots in the draft. He isnt going to fall to #30.
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He's my favorite pass rusher in the draft with his combination of size, power, acceleration, and agility. I hope teams pass on him because of his height so the 49ers can pick him up. That seems unlikely, hopefully some guys like Nick Perry and Whitney Mercilus blow up the combine and move ahead of him.
YES. He is top 20 talent and you don't let pass rushers go like that.
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