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49ersalldaway mock offseason1.0

just a note i suck at the contract stuff


alex: 3 years/27 million -- if he does well we will probablly sign him to a longer contract in the future
carlos rogers : 4 years/ 23 million-- i realize hes 30 but hes in good shape and brings veteran leaddershp i say he has at least 2-3 good years left
dashon goldson 5 years 27 million -- only thing he needs to work on is tackling which is definitally coachable other than that hes a solid all around player
ahmad brooks- 4 years/ 23 million -- solid player good against the run gets all ot of pressure
josh morgan- 2 years 7 million-- great player but will have to prove hes really ok before we sign him to a long term contract
ginn 3 years 6 million- one of the best ST guy in nfl will be depth at WR
costanzo 3 years 4 million- (sorry not to good at contracts dont know if good ST contract) anyway best ST player maybe in nfl
snyder 2 years/5 million- solid depth at every position on OL and starter at RG for at least next year can afford to be upgraded
cj spillman- 3 years 3 million- again great ST player and depth at S

significant cuts: shawnte spencer
restructure/cut: parys haralson

significant FA:

i think we go after anyone special some depth especially at the OL position and CB position

1st round: mohammad sanu WR- big physical WR who grabs the ball at the highest point. Has long arms and huge hands which makes him a premiere RZ target. Has the skillset to be a #1 WR . Scouts are saying he is the best run blocking WR they have seen in a long time and is one of the hardest workers in the draft. He has only played WR for 2 years yet he still caught about 50% of all rugers passes. He doesnt have elite straight line speed yet still gets seperation and will dominate the smaller CBs. He needs to work on his route running but only played WR for 2 years so that might be the problem. He is a wiling learner and we have great coaches.

2nd round: Bruce Irvin OLB- cant have too many pass rushers. he will have a role similar to aldon smiths last year. Aldon smith , itvin ray mac justin smith and brooks rushing the passer on 3rd down will be deadly

3rd round: jarius wright WR- one of the stars from the arkanssas WR corps. this guy is a flat out beast he is a great route runner (possibly one of the best in draft). He has one of the smartest football IQs as well by finding the soft spots in zone coverage and he has the speed which makes him a deep threat as well as able to outrun the average corner in man coverage. He also has good hands. Perfect slot WR int he WCO who will strech the field and great for 3rd down conversions if you havent seen him play:

4th round : Ladarius Green TE--- hes 6 6 great hands long arms makes him a premiere RZ target. He also has good speed which makes him a threat in between the 20's .The only thing is he is not an effective blocker but He has the frame to bulk up and as of now both walker and VD are both capable blockers so i assume we will see him on 3rd downs and RZ for his rookie season at the very least

5th round: Lonnie Edwards G-- depth at guard position with chilo rachal leaving. edwards is extremelly physical and is great at run blocking and only average at pass blocking. We will see him a lot during the jumbo packages harbaugh likes to do

6th round: Harrison Smith S- depth at S i think we let reggie smith and madeu williams go harrison smith showed flashes f being a really good S but has been inconsistant. I still think we take a chance on him. He can back up both goldson and whinter in case of injury

7th round: Will Ebner ILB- had injury plagued seasons in 2010 (neck) and 2011 (ankle) he missed the whole 2011 season but when he has been healthy he plays like a 2nd round prospect. He has the speed like willis and bowman and is a great tackler as well. I think larry grant walks abd goes to start for another team we need a new backup ILB

as you noticed i didnt draft a CB or DL

at DL i feel we are pretty strong and have good depth RJF can start anywhere on our D line Dobbs has shown hes a very capable player at DE and Ian williams is a decent NT

CB: i like the rogers brown and culliver combo. Rogers and brown are solid corners borwon could improve and can be upgraded but is still a solid corner and has absoultly proven me wrong this year. Culliver is a physical soeciman both size and speed. He has a brught future and i have little doubt he can be a starter in near future. Brock is also decent but i think we also go after a 4th or 5th CB in FA
Nice job there.
good draft, 1-4 are perfect for what we need, another good pass rusher and 3 offensive weapons that will immediately push for starting roles.
Not sure if we can afford to sign all our top FA's though, in Baalke we trust
Love it. I would hope Sanu come in and become's a Hakeem Nicks type player.
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I love Sanu, love how physical he is and CB's are gonna have a hard time bump and running this guy.
Im thinking harrison smith will be.long gone by round 6
Really like adding two WRs and a TE. Even if they don't move into starting positions it will put pressure on the current guys in practice. I'd be tempted to go OG in the second and OLB later on...but don't know how Kilgore is progressing.

Good job!
Like the big dominating WR (Sanu) along with the smaller quicker waterbug WR (Wright). Good thinking...
Holy cow! How many catches did Jarius Wright have during that game? I counted 10!

I like the draft, but I think we should get a CB with our 2nd instead of an OLB. I would love to have the extra rush, but we really need depth at the CB position. I do not want to be in the position of having Brock as our #3 or #4 CB!

Really nice mock! Would love it if it happened this way.
Also, I would like to see us get a RB, either through the draft or FA (Blount/Hillis)

i love this offseason mock! great job!
I hate the Sanu pick.
thanks for the input guys

Originally posted by DynastyPart2:
Also, I would like to see us get a RB, either through the draft or FA (Blount/Hillis)
ya i considered getting one in the draft but i think gore hunter dixon is a solid combo at least for 1 more year and this year RB suck only good ones are trent richardson and doug martin

next year RB class is extremelly deep and talented
I think Baalke likes 1 year contracts and players who'll play up not overpriced players who've had one good season and expect 5 or more million. Expect Rogers, Goldson, Brooks, Snyder and possibly Ginn to be not resigned. We'll cover Goldson and Snyder with 1 year FA contract players and Culliver/Brock, Brown and a 2nd/3rd round draft pick will cover CB.
Would like to get a RB somewhere in this draft and I don't see us needing another TE. I like the Bruce Irvin pick. I hope we get him too
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