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what players could niners have taken instead of taylor mays?

Originally posted by TheFunkyChicken:
The guy I wanted was taken one pick later: Javier Arenas. But we have a pretty good return game now, so that's probably not who I would want now.

Carlos Dunlap is one of the better players taken later that round.

But what we really need now is a WR. Decent WRs taken after that Mays pick are:

Emmanuel Sanders
Eric Decker
Jacoby Ford
Antonio Brown

The thing that still kills me is that Brown is the best of all of them, HE WAS IN MY MOCK DRAFT! I had us taking him in the 4th or 5th but he lasted all the way to the 6th. And it turns out he would have been a great value pick in the 2nd.

Damn you, Singletary.

I'll admit I like the pick in the 2nd round...obviously it didnt work out.

Having said that I would love to have Eric Decker. Loved him in college and still do.
I wanted Golden Tate
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