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Geek's Mock Draft V2.0

Originally posted by sfout:
Why would we even re-sign Morgan if we we drafted Wright and Childs and signed Williams? A 1 year prove it deal to our 3rd or 4th or even 5th receiver is completely pointless. Morgan or R. Williams would be completely unnecessary unless you we're seriously expecting Ginn to never step foot on the offensive side of the ball.
We'd have
1.Crabtree, 2. K. Williams, 3. Morgan, 4. Ginn, 5. Wright, 6. Childs, 7. R. Williams. why would we carry 7 WRs on our active roster? Seems a little ridiculous....

Especially when you consider that we will likely carry more TEs than the average team given Harbaugh's preference for unbalanced lines. Morgan, if healthy, is a much better WR than Williams. Morgan + Crabtree + Kyle + Ginn + Rookie ... what would be a very decent WR corp.
Solid, really soild.

In FA I like all excepy RWilliams - I've never been impressed with him. The Carr pick is dynamite! Smart move on Farrene - he'd be a real contributor from day one.

I think the Ben Jones pick will be a huge difference maker for the offense.
No more recycled receivers from other teams.
Originally posted by ninergold:
No more recycled receivers from other teams.

^^ agreed

lets draft a guy or get a proven younger guy
I like your analysis but do you think we can resign those guys AND sign Brandon Carr?
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