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I'd rather wait and select Ben Jones or Tyler Horn outta Miami.

I think someone said it best here:

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I'm all for it. Where we are picking the chance to get any player that may be the best at his position is a no brainer.

We want the best players we can find. If Konz, who should be an immediate starter is there and is the BPA, it would seem silly to pass him up. We'll take whoever's highest on the board, and I'd love to have Konz as a new starter at either C or RG. I like the idea of grooming Kilgore/Person for the center or RG spot if we draft Konz. I think drafting him would allow us to focus on other positions.

If we wait, we risk missing out entirely if someone else snags the guy we want, or getting a player that simply doesn't bring us the same caliber of play. I want to build a dominant, championship caliber team. Most people will tell you it starts in the trenches. OL impacts the game on every play, run or pass. I am absolutely not content with where our OL is at now.