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Countdown to the 2012 SENIOR BOWL (Jan.18): 0 days

Originally posted by ninertico:
Originally posted by vrabbit:
who needs a strong Senior Bowl performance?

Hey V,

In this particular draft and where we are drafting at #30, doesn't it seem like this would be a great year to move back into the second while getting that extra first for next year? There's some quality candidates for our team in that second round at positions of need, WR, OG, OLB to name a few.

What's your thought on that? Any one else want to join in on that? This Senior Bowl looks solid in those positions.

My first thought is, you have to find a trade partner first of all, and the likelihood of that scenario will be a lot more clear a couple of weeks before draft day, I certainly wouldn't mind.

as of right now you'd think Tannehill/Weeden would be targets for teams like the Redskins trying to move up for a QB, maybe Seattle too, but I don't know if either is worthy of a 1st round next year instead of 2nd/3rd/4th round picks in this draft
Kendall Reyes=do want....very much. A rotation of Justin Smith, Ray McDonald and Reyes...................

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