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New 2012 NFL Mock Draft

I like it.
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Mercilus is about the coloest name ever for a pass rusher.
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Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Zach Brown a pass rusher?

I'm guessing you are taking that from here?
And the Von Miller comparison as well.

IMO, no way Brown compares to Von Miller, nor do I think Brown should be considered a pass rusher (he will be used as an occasional blitz, but thats it). He is a 4-3 OLB with sideline-to-sideline speed, with great pursuit, and decent coverage skills.

Edit: And I really don't get why Mercilus is getting no love. It reminds of Aldon Smith, none of the mock draft crowd gave him ANY love, but if they actually watched Aldon play, it was crystal clear he was an elite pass rusher. But because he was an underclassman with no previous success he doesn't have a name people are familiar with. And I think Mercilus does compare to Aldon fairly well, except less speed and more power. But he has that freakishly long arms and quick first step. One thing Ilike about Mercilus is that he beat O-lineman inside and outside, and was great on stunts and changing his angle of attack. Great motor, great hit power, great use of his hands and turnover machine. Mercilus is not a one trick pony when it comes to pass rushing.
Absolutely not. I form my own opinions from the games I watch. Let me clarify about Zach Brown. He is not Von Miller. He is not even close to Von Miller as a pure pass rusher. He doesn't have the moves or power that Von Miller has. What he does have that reminds me of Von Miller is an incredible burst off the line of scrimmage and an uncanny ability to time the snap count perfectly. When he blitzes he's usually the first guy off the ball. He uses this incredible burst and timing to blitz outside a lot and run the arc and get into the backfield before the backs have a change to pick him up. I'd say his burst is elite. However, he doesn't use very many moves, usually he's just running around people and when he does get blocked, he's pretty much done. He stops and spys the QB, trying to get his hands up. That's why I said he reminds me of a finesse Von Miller. Same burst, athleticism on the edge. No pass rush moves, or power. And as a blitzer he would take over games for UNC's defense.

He is a sideline-to-sideline OLB, I think he was on the 4x100 relay team at UNC. He is good in pursuit. Not physical at all, tends to avoid contact. If I were the other team I would run right at him every time. What separates him from the other 4-3 WLB's is his ability to blitz. Most 4-3 Tampa-2 LBs can't blitz but Zach Brown brings that added versatility. Give him a creative D-coordinator and he will do wonders.

As far as Mercilus, I haven't seen enough tape on him. From what I have seen though, he didn't stand out to me as far as being a fast-twitch type rusher goes.
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Manti Te'o is returning to Notre Dame for his senior season.
Originally posted by mayo49:
I want Michael Floyd.

Me too. If he is there in the 20's I would love for us to trade up for him, otherwise I want Dwight Jones.
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1. Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck, QB, StanfordEverything should be so automatic as this pick. Speculation is flying about the Colts being big enough for Manning and Luck, but the two have been making niceties in the media lately, enough to quell the controversy until April. Indianapolis may be better off trading the pick for a bounty of even more draft picks so that they could have more than just two quarterbacks as their only legitimate stars.

2. St. Louis Rams - Matt Kalil, OT, USCThe Rams were already supposed to have their cornerstone offensive tackle, but Jason Smith, the second pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, has been a severe disappointment. Kalil looks like the best tackle prospect to come along since Jake Long. The Rams can finally give Sam Bradford the protection he needs. Rodger Saffold can move to the right side and instantly improve a unit that nearly got Sam Bradford killed this year.

3. Minnesota Vikings - Morris Claiborne, CB, LSUMinnesota could really use Kalil, but they can settle for the draft's top cornerback. Claiborne fills a big need for the Vikings who had allowed more receiving touchdowns than any other team in the league with 28. In truth, the second and third spots in the draft could be dealt given the rise of Baylor quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III. The Vikings could use the extra picks, just like the Rams.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars - Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma StateJacksonville really needs to get Blaine Gabbert another weapon on offense. The Jaguars have the worst group of receivers in the NFL. Blackmon's speed and playmaking ability would be a nice complement to Maurice Jones-Drew. Gabbert will be happy to have a sure-handed wide receiver.

5. Carolina Panthers - Alshon Jeffery, WR, South CarolinaCarolina's biggest need is in the middle of its defensive line. The fifth pick seems a little high for Penn State's Devon Hill, though that could change as the draft season progresses. Cam Newton and Steve Smith formed a deep connection this season, but the young quarterback needs another, younger complementary receiver to take this offense to the next level. Not convinced there won't be some draft day horse trading? Just look, we're at the fifth pick and Robert Griffin and Matt Barkley are still on the board.

6. Washington Redskins - Robert Griffin III, QB, BaylorJohn Beck, Rex Grossman...neither of these guys have shown they can be the future in Washington. That changes with the selection of RG3. Mike Shanahan finally gets the building block he needs to finally make the Redskins a threat in the NFC East. Griffin may not have the complete package that Andrew Luck has, but he would be worthy of the first overall pick in any other year.

7. Cleveland Browns - Michael Floyd, WR, Notre DameNine out of ten mock drafts and dentists think that Trent Richardson is the natural pick here. Pat Shurmur learned a lesson about not putting talent around a young quarterback in his last job as the offensive coordinator in St. Louis. They can find another running back in the draft, but they can't pass on a player that would give Colt McCoy a receiver with an elite skill set. Don't rule out the possibility of the Browns drafting a quarterback.

8. Miami Dolphins - Matt Barkley, QB, USCMatt Moore may very well be the Dolphins' starting quarterback at the beginning of next season. Matt Barkley will be starting by the Halloween. If they found a way to add a good tight end, they could really give Barkley something to work with from the start.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, AlabamaKirkpatrick bolsters the back end of their defense prone to leaking pass yards this season. They could use playmakers on both sides of the ball. Kirkpatrick has the speed and physical ability to give their secondary flexibility and better matchups against their pass-first division rivals.

10. Philadelphia Eagles - Zach Brown, OLB, North CarolinaSkip the Dream Teams jokes here. Brown gives Philly a great starting linebacker for their defense. There might not be a bigger need for this team than upgrades at linebacker...and defensive coordinator.

11. Arizona Cardinals - David DeCastro, OG, StanfordAfter trading away a second-pick and a starting cornerback for backup quarterback Kevin Kolb, the Cardinals had little to protect their investment. He can also make their running game a real threat. DeCastro is the second-best offensive lineman in the draft, behind Kalil. This is an example of how the new rookie pay system will change daft day axioms about what positions are drafted where.

12. Kansas City Chiefs - Jonathan Martin, OT, StanfordMartin can play either tackle spot, giving Kansas City some flexibility. He does know how to protect the quarterback, and can give Jamaal Charles some room to work on the outside.

13. Buffalo Bills - Courtney Upshaw, OLB, AlabamaRyan Fitzpatrick and the Bills' offense has drawn some criticism for the team's flame out after a hot start, but the defense has been awful. Injuries and neglect are both to blame. Drafting Upshaw adds a pass rusher to the mix.

14. Seattle Seahawks - Landry Jones, QB, OklahomaYes, shocking as it may sound, neither Tarvaris Jackson or Charlie Whitehurst appear to be the answer at quarterback. Jones lands in an offense with some receiving talent and a talented offensive line that should help him ease into the NFL. Seattle is one of several teams that could look to trade up for Robert Griffin or Matt Barkley.

15. San Diego Chargers - Riley Reiff, OT, IowaSan Diego needs an injection of youth on their offensive line. Whispers about Philip Rivers playing hurt and a mid-season addition of Jared Gaithner point to a very real need up front.

16. Dallas Cowboys - Alfonzo Dennard, CB, NebraskaDallas was keenly interested in drafting Nebraska corner Prince Amukamara last year. Having waited a year, they get the better of Nebraska's fearsome duo in the secondary from 2010 to improve their shaky pass defense.

17. New York Giants - Quinton Coples, DE, North CarolinaFor the second year in a row, an elite pass rusher from UNC slips to the middle of the round. New York dealt with constant injuries to their aging group of pass rushers. Coples reinforces the unit and gives Jerry Reese some flexibility.

18. Tennessee Titans - Mark Barron, S, AlabamaBarron is the kind of safety that frequents the highlight reels with his hard hits and knack for being in the right place at the right time. Working with a re-signed Courtland Finnegan, Barron gives the Titans a good secondary.

19. Cincinnati Bengals - Chase Minnefield, CB, VirginiaCincinnati's defensive front is already a pretty good unit. Adding a talented cornerback would make it more complete. Minnefield also has the hands to create turnovers. Cincinnati will want to get Andy Dalton and A.J. Green as many chances as they can.

20. Chicago Bears - Peter Konz, C, WisconsinIf Chicago could draft an entire offensive line, they might do it. Konz gives them some stability in the interior line.

21. Cincinnati Bengals (via Oakland) - Lamar Miller, RB, MiamiCedric Benson isn't getting any younger. Even with Benson around, the Bengals could use someone with Miller's speed and big play ability. *See my note on Trent Richardson at the bottom of the page.

22. Detroit Lions - Mike Adams, OT, Ohio StateDetroit needs to take a note from Green Bay and keep fresh tackle talent on hand for their pass-first offense. This gives them some flexibility with Jeff Backus and the disappointing Gosder Cherilus.

23. Cleveland Browns (via Atlanta) - Kelechi Osemele, OT, Iowa StateCleveland needs help along their offensive line. Osemele is a little raw, but he could work on the right side or move inside to guard where his toughness would be a valued asset in the running game.

24. New York Jets - Dont'a Hightower, OLB, AlabamaRex Ryan needs a better answer than the injured Bryan Thomas to play opposite Calvin Pace. Hightower has size and speed to make a difference in the Jets' defense.

25. Denver Broncos - Kendall Wright, WR, BaylorAssuming Denver commits to Tim Tebow, at least for another year, they have to surround him with some playmakers. Wright's speed gives them a weapon to do some of what Tebow used to do with Percy Harvin during his college days. He can also be a downfield threat.

26. Houston Texans - Dontari Poe, NT, MemphisHouston's defense has been great this season. Imagine what they'll do next year with a healthy Mario Williams and 350-pound guy who also possesses the athletic ability of a 300-pound defensive lineman at the nose tackle position.

27. New England Patriots (from New Orleans) - Janoris Jenkins, CB, North AlabamaNew England's defense has been a problem this season, e.g. a game against Rex Grossman that was far closer than it should have been. Jenkins rounds out the secondary and gets a stern head coach to oversee his growth.

28. New England Patriots - Jared Crick, DE, NebraskaFact: one, probably both, of these picks will be traded. Supposing for the sake of mock drafts that New England hangs on, they can significantly upgrade their defensive line with Crick. Injuries will prevent him from being drafted in the first half of the round, but the Pats have had good luck taking chances on injured talent in the past.

29. Pittsburgh Steelers - Cordy Glenn, OL, GeorgiaPittsburgh could use an upgrade on their offensive line, particularly on the outside. Glenn's power fits nicely on the right side, and his wide body would help reroute pass rushers.

30. San Francisco 49ers - Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers - If San Francisco is going to stick with Alex Smith for the near-term future, they need to get him some receiving help. Sanu allows them to rely on Michael Crabtree less and end the Braylon Edwards experiment. A big, physical target with good hands and yards after the catch ability fits perfectly with Smith's limitations as a quarterback.

31. Baltimore Ravens - Vontaze Burfict, MLB, Arizona StateRay Lewis has a few more years left to give. Still, Lewis' injury this year has to be of some concern to the Ravens; after all, he is 36. Lewis is the perfect mentor for a tough young player like Burfict that needs to iron out his mental game.

32. Green Bay Packers - Devon Still, DL, Penn StateImagine the Packers with a top ten defense. Frightening. Still would instantly improve their run defense, giving more power up front and allowing the linebackers to do more.

sanu is staying in school
I see a lot of mocks that have us taking a receiver, is Morgan's injury that bad that we'll need another wide-receiver?
ya well we definitally need a WR
Someone who can beat bump and run coverage

Originally posted by strickac:
Curry just looks like natural pass rusher to me. He's quick and slippery.

This year is the least I've followed college football in years. I guess that's just a side effect of finally having a winning team.

I find myself in the same boat.
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I repeat we need a CB!!!

.....or receiver in round 1, preferably a CB though.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
I repeat we need a CB!!!

.....or receiver in round 1, preferably a CB though.

Is that because of the talent that is available? I'd say we need a receiver more than we need a corner.
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