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Could Andrew Luck pull an ELI-ELWAY and demand to be reunited with Harbaugh in SF?

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i hope thats the case. but for a team like us that builds through the draft and we should be picking in the mid to low 20's and we'll have to give up a king's ransom
I wish...but Luck will not be in SF next year. With the way we are playing...there is no way that we have a high draft pick. That means we would have to give WAY too much to pull off the trade.
Not gonna happen. If we make the playoffs we'd have to send our whole team for him, and if that is the case then QB is not an issue for us if we are a playoff team. If he brings us a playoff win or first round bye, I'm in the Alex Smith bandwagon.
that is my ONLY hope. wont happen though.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
that is my ONLY hope. wont happen though.

or he can return to stanford for his senior season
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
i hope thats the case. but for a team like us that builds through the draft and we should be picking in the mid to low 20's and we'll have to give up a king's ransom

Well it took a 1st and a 2nd to get from 17 to 5.... for Sanchez... I would do 2 number 1s and a 2nd next year and 3rd this.
Luck will have a lot of options. His dad is very savvy and will be working behind the scenes to put his son in the best possible spot. You can be certain he would not allow his son to go to a team as bad as the 49ers were in 2005. There will be enough pressure applied that a deal will be easier than some might think. It would make no sense for a team to draft him knowing he would not play for them and also knowing that no team will give up the sky in trade. I'm not sure what the deal might look like but it may not be as crazy as some think.

Andrew Luck will wind up on a good team, sit behind an aging but good QB for a year, and then take over.
I could only hope big Luck fan I believe he goes to the Dolphins or Colts maybe Broncos, but from what know if it would take it would take 3 number 1's and 3 2's and one of our pro bowl players and 2 of our QB. So yes a ransom according to Peter King that what it would take. But I think if a team like the Colts would be our only chance. I will be pulling for the Dolphins this week don't want Elway to get him. The thing with Luck is he is smart and plays fast, but I think he has to be in the right situation and the 49ers would it.
I was thinking that would happen before last year's draft, with the niners picking so high all Luck had to do was tell the Panthers he would just go back to college if they didn't engineer a trade with the 49ers. Of course he can return again next year as well but it's going to be harder to pull something like that off with the niners picking much lower in the 1st the next draft. But man, that would have been so uber retartedly awesome if they had done that, and it easily could have happened, Newton at the time was not considered 1st overall pick worthy and Carolina would have made the trade.

Of course, the ultimate irony would arise if the Broncos lose to the Dolphins on Sunday, if the Broncos ultimately "earn" the top pick, and if the best Stanford quarterback since John Elway does to the team Elway currently runs that which Elway did 28 years ago, forcing a trade just like Elway did.

LOL!!! I really hope that happens!
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I think we would have to give up our whole draft class this year as well as next year's!
The rams would NEVER trade him to us if they get 1st pick.
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did you steal that link from me?

If I was him I'd consider it, depending on what happens with the current bad record teams & who is the coaches next year.
i would trade my whatever they want for luck!
Between Smith and Kaepernick we are set at QB fellas.
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