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Who drafts Luck

Who drafts Luck

Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Originally posted by tjd808185:
Originally posted by CRABTREE:
We're in the bottom 5 and Bengals have a qb, Vikings have a qb, Titans have a qb, Panthers have a qb.... looks like we're in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes

Luck is such an amazing prospect that Cincinnati, Minnesota or Tennessee might still draft him.

My guess is Denver will have the worse record and will take Luck in a heart beat.

I would be pissed........although I don't think the Broncos will have the worst record.
especially if Orton starts
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Broncos won't have the worst record, decent qb, run game improving this year(mcgahee and a healthy moreno), pass rush improving(miller)... Redskins aren't going to be horrible just because they go from mcnabb to grossman, their defense has always given them opportunities to upset even in their tough division.

Bengals are going to suck, Dalton will be this year's Clausen. Bills will be up there too, possibly the raiders if the loss of miller/asomugha kills them.
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Titans won't draft Luck after taking Locker in the top 10 this year. Denver maybe, I see them giving up on Tebow much too soon and trying to jump on the next QB coming out but with Orton staying and Fox there now I think they will win 6-9 games. It will be Miami if all else fails, I don't think the Dolphins have taken a QB in the 1st since Marino
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  • Mike Brown.
  • They went 4-12 last year--even with Palmer, Ochocinco and Owens. And they replaced those three with...
  • ... a rookie quarterback and rookie wideout, positions that usually take two or three years to develop.
  • They replaced Johnathan Joseph with Nate Clements.
  • They play the AFC North, which has the AFC champions in Pittsburgh, a perennial playoff team in Baltimore, and a very good sleeper team in Cleveland.
  • They also play the AFC South and I think each team from that division will beat the Bengals.
  • And they also play Denver and Buffalo, two underrated teams.
  • Mike Brown. (This can not be emphasized enough.)

Washington has Shanahan and could beat New York or Dallas. Miami has too much talent to be the worst team in the league. Oakland is pretty bad, but I'll give Campbell the benefit of the doubt over Dalton. And Seattle will steal a couple of wins in our joke of a division.

But Mike Brown might still pass on Luck even if he's the clear number one selection.
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lol @all the niner votes
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
lol @all the niner votes

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Originally posted by cwilson830:

That's the "suck for luck" fanboys representing right there. I'm personally just hoping kaep turns out to be our next franchise hopeless as that might seem, I like the kid. Northern California raised, would be a good story. "harbaugh develops luck, goes to NFL and develops kaepernick". BAM. QB developing genius.

I also think there are plenty of other things we could improve through our draft next year. I guess it'll depend on how different positions play to determine which is most important but it could be anything from O-line to CB we use the pick on. Or we could try the lions approach and get a monster 3-4 DE, someone that requires a double team to open up space for our linebackers. Depends on how carlos rogers plays and how the o-line progresses as a unit.
Bengals for sure... Mike Brown basically sold/traded the team off to start building around Luck next year.

Originally posted by aman49:
Looking at the votes, you guys have no idea how bad the Bengals are going to be.

They were 4-12 last year... that was with Jonathan Joseph, Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, and Carson Palmer. All four are gone. The new QB is a rookie. Their division is murderous outside of the Browns.

2 wins will be a tall order for them.

The Redskins are my second choice, but they have Rex Grossman at QB. People say he "sucks", but he "sucks" because he is hot/cold. He'll get hot for at least 3-4 games.

Bengals will probably be pretty bad, but if you wanna present a fair argument, then acknowledge that it's not like they JUST lost guys, they also added A.J. Green, Manny Lawson (who should do outstanding in Marvin Lewis' 4-3), Nate Clements (real nice player, just overpaid, with us...but they got him cheap and he should do a good job on every AFC North WR except maybe like Mike Wallace- not many CB's would...but we all know he's a dude that can lock down an Anquan Boldin, or a Mo Massaquoi, or a Hines Ward), and some 2nd year players like Jordan Shipley, Jermaine Gresham, and Carlos Dunlap who could step up and be big time players. My guess is either Redskins or Bills.

Also, if you actually think we were gonna suck on purpose to get a QB, we wouldn't have TRADED UP to 36 overall to take a QB.
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Originally posted by 80849er4life:
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Originally posted by 80849er4life:
Redskins look like they are on the "SUCK FOR LUCK" plan.....who's their QB?Beck?......c-mon man.....

Yep, even the security guards at the Skins practice facility don't even know who Beck is, LOL.

I mean thers only one conclusion for not bringing in any new QB's, they're waiting for just one and their plan is he's coming next year.....I mean they could atleast disguise their plan...but its so obvious

What if Luck stays in school for his senior year?

Here's Cincy's first 5 games.

Browns, Broncos, 49ers, Bills, Jaguars

Scheduling is everything. Last year they had one of the toughest schedules, this year it's pretty soft.
Is it a coincidence that 32% of people think we'll draft luck next year and 32% on the home page poll want Kaepernick to start week 1??
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