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MadDog's Final Wrap Up Grade for Niners

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I dont buy into combine numbers, the combine is a idiotic method of evaluating.

Id rather look at game tape and see what he did, not if he ran a poor 40, or whatever.

Just stupid IMO.

While some combine numbers may be overemphasized by fans, the combine does have a purpose, in putting athletes side by side in a controlled setting to see their overall athleticism side by side (speed, explosiveness, strength, change of direction abilities). I do agree that some of the combine events should be altered (the start to the 40 is silly to me), but it does serve a purpose. I haven't even gone into the medical evals and the interviews, which are gigantic.

Overemphasized events include the forty, QB's throwing the ball, WR's running routes. Underemphasized: shuttle and cone times, which really show change of direction abilities.

Overall, I am a supporter of the combine as one major piece of the puzzle. It is surely not the most important element, but is critical.

They need to do the combine in full pads and helmet. It's surprising how that little bit of extra slows some players down and ruins their vision while it won't phase others.

BTW, MD, how does Kaepernick compare to Tebow coming out of the draft? Didn't Denver trade up for Tebow?

I agree that helmet and pads would be a nice addition to the combine.

I think that Kaepernick is a much better NFL QB prospect than Tebow. Kaepernick has a stronger arm, is a better overall athlete, and is suited for QB. I don't think Tebow is an NFL QB at all. He would be best as an H-back. And, yes, the Broncos traded up for Tebow. Then, they make the mistake this year of drafting a 4-3 OLB in Miller, who is a terrific talent, but not best suited for a 4-3. The pick was Dareus.

You and I never agreed on Tebow, and still don't I see.

I think Tebow will continue to work himself into being a good NFL quarterback. I think he's on his way.

Can't agree on everything. I think TT is going to struggle to beat out KO this offseason, and with Orton in a contract year, I kind of expect solid numbers, and another extension. Fox has pretty much named him the starter this year.

We'll see. Tebow is a really nice kid, and I wish him the best in life.

I can agree with Tebow backing up Orton. Kyle might be the most underrated QB in the entire league. I'd take him in a second on my team. Kyle is still the top QB on the team, but Tebow has more upside obviously and is still growing after showing some nice play late last season with Orton hurt.

If Denver's OL isn't any better this year, Tebow could find himself seeing a lot more time as a starter, and I think he'll do a good job. If Orton is extended, at some point, the Broncos I have to believe will look to trade one of their QB's. There's already talk that once they can, they're looking to deal Orton to Arizona. Don't know if it'll happen, but Denver should certainly have some suitors.

That would suck. I think Orton could put up some numbers on the NFC West in that Cards offense.

i dont think orton would do too great in zona they are gonna lose breaston and orton doesnt really have a rocket arm that fitz needs to be the elite WR they will be a 5 to 6 win team but i dont see anything more than that

Marshal put up 1100 and 10 TD's with Orton at QB. Just sayin.....
After three weeks of thought and watching highlight videos here are my thoughts about Aldon Smith.

Smith fits into the category of a player who performs better on game day than he tests at workouts like the combine.

Watching his video throughout his freshman year up until the Illinois game in his second year I saw a dynamic football player who can simply rush the QB from any spot on the field that his coaches placed him. Whether speed rush from the outside, bending the corner or swim moves or shake and bake moves, club moves etc from the inside, Smith was a star on the field early on for Mizzou.

After the injury Smith played well but was clearly not the same player that we saw from 2009 throughout the Fightin Illini game in 2010.

The million dollar question is--Did the injury effect his combine performance? If he would have run a 4.6 in the 40 and a 4.20 in the short shuttle his testing would have matched his 2009 playing and his rating would have been higher. No one would have questioned his selection at 7.

Clearly, in my opinion, the 49ers drafted him off of what they saw in 2009 from Smith.

With Peterson gone and no trade back options the 49ers were in a dilemma. I believe they ruled out guys like Quinn and Bowers because of injury/medical concerns and they ruled out Fairly because of character. I believe that they did not have a high grade on Amukamura. The pick came down to Jordan, Watts and Smith. They opted for the pass rusher.

After the top five went in the draft I believe that you could throw a blanket over the next 15 or so. The Niners were twixt a rock and a hard place but I believe they made a solid pick with Smith.

Lastly , like the QB position the 49ers must never give up seeking a legit pass rush. In the future they must continue to be proactive in finding pass rushers and never give up until they have multiple guys who can rush the opposing QB.
I tend to agree there was a lot of risk in this draft. But if the high upside guys come through we will be ok.
I think playing hurt and holding up well is better than drafting a player who didn't play at all last year. Robert Quinn is a beast but atm of the draft was just a gym rat not a football player. Asmith has more potential at 5 tech than Quinn, who was made for a 4-3 also.
Will be fun to see if Kilgore and Hunter continue to look as good as they have been. Grade of A seems to be in line with his play but C for Kilgore seems very low thus far.
So thankful we didn't get Gabbert. He's looking in JAX as I predicted. Shaky.

In other news, we haven't even started the season and the op's draft grades are looking to be off by a couple of letters per pick.
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Originally posted by jrg:

Cause you can totally grade all of our picks before they have played a single real game.

I mean, they're always an interesting read before the draft and I appreciate the work he puts in, but in light of his recent haughty attitude I'm laughing.
Originally posted by OregonNiner87:

I mean, they're always an interesting read before the draft and I appreciate the work he puts in, but in light of his recent haughty attitude I'm laughing.

Seems to come and the tides. But I do respect the work and my picks would be more questionable, so I don't throw stones. If a guy hits on half his picks it's a good day.

This could end up being the most epic grading fail in amateur draft expert history.
so glad you look to be horribly wrong maddogg lol
trot them out a few year in regular season first
It's to early to tell with these draft picks but there is a tingling coming up my leg when I think about it...

Shout out to Chris Mathews for the leg quote thingy
As stated before, I hope I am wrong about the grade as well. I hope it is the greatest draft class in NFL history. Only time will tell.

Based on what we have seen in preseason, I don't see a major improvement in the grade. None of the guys are starting, so we have no idea how they match up against the best players. Smith has looked good in practice, and pretty good in games against second stringers. But, I think fans really exaggerate his performance so far. The guy I targeted with the 7th has been more impressive this preseason, JJ Watt. We'll get a chance to see him against our team this week.

CK has been up and down. He's a rookie QB.

Culliver looks promising, but is probably a 4th or 5th CB in 2011.

Hunter looks like a really nice change of pace back. Again, he's running with backups.

The late rounders look like backup, role players. Kilgore may be better than I believed, but once again, we are talking about playing with second and third teamers.

Check back in a couple years. Usually, I am pretty good in my analysis, and prove to be correct.
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