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Dangling Peterson could push us over the top?

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If Peterson is there, we have to strongly consider drafting him. Pats are not stupid to offer two 1st rounders and a swap of 2nd rounder for 1 player who plays CB

Yeah but if we can get two first for peterson then we've got to consider the move!

But why would the Pats make that move? They are not known for jumping up, they're more known for moving back, thus giving them more picks......

Than again, if there is a rookie salary cap/structure............maybe that would change the way the Patriots draft?

We'll isn't it amazing that today all I heard on the nfl network was how the pats was looking to dangle one of their first rounders to trade up in the draft! Hate to say I told you soooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your original statement was trading with New England for their two picks in the first and a second for our first number 7 overall. People said the Patriots don't move up like that.

I read from several other sources that the Patriots are looking to trade their 28th pick of the first round only, meaning they are trading down, like a 2nd and 3rd rounder for their first rounder. so they are not trading up, but down. One of the teams that has shown interest is said to be the Chargers. So it is not as you said. It is as others have said, they look to aquire more picks.

That's just the first flier my friend they are testing the waters. Give it a little more time and you will see what they are really trying to do. This scenario is built upon peterson being available at #7 if he is gone then throw my little plan out of the door.
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I stopped reading at dangling peters

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I stopped reading at dangling peters

What's next..."Hanging Phallus" ?

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