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#7 overall pick the bust pick of top 10 picks?

Originally posted by WildBill:
While some of the players may not have been elite, you have to also consider the coaches they played for and how they were used. It can't be emphasized enough how being with the right system helps.

Quoted for truth.

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Originally posted by BrianGO:
Can't you do the same thing with every draft slot in the entire top ten?


2010 Joe Haden - looks to be worth it
2009 Darrius Heyward-Bey - Not applicable, see: Al Davis
2008 Sedrick Ellis - Solid interior lineman, may have a Pro bowl or 2 by end of carrer
2007 Adrian Peterson - Stud
2006 Michael Huff - Backup player, so for this high = bust
2005 Troy Williamson - Bust
2004 Roy Williams - Solid Rookie year and met expectations, then lack of motivation played a roll and he lost it
2003 Byron Leftwich - Solid backup, but a bust for this high
2002 Bryant McKinnie - Solid
2001 Andre Carter - Solid
2000 Thomas Jones - Stud
1999 Champ Bailey - Stud
1998 Kyle Turley - Stud until injuries
1997 Ike Hilliard - Solid
1996 Terry Glenn - Solid
1995 Mike Mamula - Bust
1994 Bryant Young - GOAT
1993 Curtis Conway - dont care
1992 Troy Vincent - Solid
1991 Charles McRae - dont care
1990 Andre Ware - system QB
1989 Tim Worley - dont care
1988 Sterling Sharpe - solid
87-84 dont care
1983 Todd Blackledge - please stop broadcasting

The point is that there were plenty of people on this list that justified their pick at least in the beginning and then some dropped off due to injuries and motivation.

People expectations are way too high for a top 10 pick, obviously you want a annual pro-bowl player (Peterson, Young, Bailey), but to get a solid starter (Hilliard, Glenn, Mickinnie, Carter, Vincent) who is always on the cusp of a pro-bowl (Jones, Turley) for at least one 5yr contract or more should justify the pick as well.

For every Top Ten pick that isn't an annual probowler there are later picks (Willis, Ngata, Wilfork) and undrafted players who become all-stars. Unless your the #1 pick, being a solid starter justifies any first round selection in my opinion.
Originally posted by BrianGO:
Can't you do the same thing with every draft slot in the entire top ten?

Nope, looked into it thinking the same thing. The #2 spot is nearly a shoe in to be successful if using history as a base for that argument and #3 is nearly as good.
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