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matt49er mock offseason/draft 4.0

I appreciate all the thought on the mock.

However, I still wouldn't want Kolb just because I don't see him being a significant upgrade. I'm sure Philly would want a lot more than a 4th and future 2nd for someone that hasn't even proven his worth.

Second, as much of a fan as I am of Quinn, I'd be pissed if we past up on Peterson. Patrick Peterson is arguably the best player in this draft. I also don't see Moffitt and Delvin dropping down that far.
I hate it
thanks for the i thought i do infact blow at these hahaha

i stand by the fact that we will make 2 major additions via FA 1 on defense and a QB. Take your pick Kolb/Palmer/Flynn/McNabb whoever none of us can really get inside Harbaugh/Ballke's head.

With our cap space, the fact that we just invested big in a new HC and the general belief by the organization that this team is close. I believe we will keep most of our major FAs (Franklin, Baas, Spikes at least) and land either a CB or OLB in FA to cover the base we don't get in the 1st round. Call me crazy but I feel like we get it done this time...maybe I'm just wishing for it too hard we'll see.
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