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How disappointed will you be if Peterson and Miller are gone?

How disappointed will you be if Peterson and Miller are gone?

Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
I really doubt either will last to 7. If Peterson manages to last until 6, the Cowboys will undoubtedly trade with Cleveland to get him. And Miller will not get past the Cardinals. The Cardinals really like Skelton and will not draft a QB.

I'm expecting we'll pick either Prince or Quinn. I'm pulling for Prince because Quinn reminds me too much of Vernon Gholston, another one year wonder workout warrior.

Quinn wasn't a one year wonder. He had two amazing years before getting suspended last year.

Further, since Fangio runs a style of 3-4 defense that uses the nickle package (4 DL front) almost as much as they run the 3 man front, Quinn's size makes him optimal for playing with his hand on the ground as a DE during nickle fronts. Quinn would be a steal at 7.
Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by LAFortyNinerfan:
Peterson ran a 4.32 and a 4.37. He's almost as gone as Andrew Luck was.

He will be fine and can still be had at 7.

I highly doubt he'll be there. But all of the top prospects had combine performances that backed up their projected draft status, not just him, so maybe his combine performance doesn't hurt our chances of landing him.
Von Miller FTW. He's the edge rusher that our 3-4 Defense needs badly.
Missing out on Von Miller would upset me more than Peterson. But yes if they're both gone I'd be ticked.
as long as Prince is still there we will be ok
Originally posted by mryan1004:
I personally think they are the two best suited for us. I prefer Peterson, but will be almost as glad if we can get Miller providing he's still there.
they are well-suited for any i wouldnt be disappointed b/c i dont expect them to be available at our spot.
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