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Jim's plan to land andrew luck!

So here's jim's plan. Step one resign alex smith. Someones got to take the fall and who better. Step two not resigning players like goldson, or franklin or manny lawson.
Step 3 if this doesn't get the job done sell the farm the house and jeds new puppy to get the first over all pick...

Their's no qb in this draft class that will save us. But luck will be next season. And i know jim wants him! So if we have the first overall pick next season and we have a shot at andrew luck would you all be happy!?
I like puppies.
i'm happy now. i'd rather stumble across the next Tom Bady than go thru another season of loss after agonizing loss.
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Luck is no guarantee. We were all drooling over Locker last year. Plus, a good QB coach like Harbaugh will believe that he can turn a lot of QBs into a pro-bowl type QB. Doubt he wastes a year to draft 1 guy.
The sad fact is that if the labor agreement doesn't get done until late summer we'll be one of the leading candidates for the #1 pick in 2012 whether we like it or not.
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