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2nd Rd. pick is shaping up to be our most important draft pick...

Originally posted by Elric:
The only way we get Phil Taylor is if we trade back and then move up in the 2nd round.

Trading back to make Phil Taylor our 1st pick is a possibility giving us extra picks for this years draft as well as next years.

We could secure Luck with the extra picks.

I like this idea

I'm not a big proponent of trading back. But to do so to get Luck is just out of the question.
I think we go OLB with the first pick and then address corner or QB in round 2.

The reason I think we do this is because I think the OLBs (Von Miller and Robert Quinn) will be ranked higher than Prince Amukmara on our Big Board. So unless Peterson falls to us I think we address OLB with our rd 1 pick.

Then if Harbaugh likes Christian Ponder I think he must get him in round 2. It will be somewhat of a reach but with so many teams in dire need of a QB I think we have to get him right here because he won't be there by the time we pick in round 3. Just look at how many teams that draft between our 2 and 3rd rounders who need a Qb. About 9 of them...

If we don't go QB I think we can get a decent corner in rd 2. Someone like Brandon Harris, Jimmy Smith, Rashard Carmichael, Chykie Brown.
I am a starting to think that round 3 may be the time the 9ers go for their quarterback, unless Harbaugh falls in love with one of the guys. Would be ideal to see the 9ers come out with any combination of Miller/Quinn and J. Smith/Taylor with the 1st 2 picks.
If we take Ponder in the 2nd I will puke
Like your analysis cause it gets right to the heart of the dilemma. If Harbaugh thinks Ponder is the QB he wants to develop, than you have to take him at #45. (He may be gone, cause the Panthers, Bills, and Cardinals all need QBs and all draft before us in the second round, and are unlikely to take a QB in the first.)

Which means we can improve our pass D with a CB, OLB, or a DE at #7. But we need help at all three positions, which means we have to get help in the third round. By then, the strong DL class, is all gone, the 3 fastest OLBs are gone after the 1st, which leaves us hoping we get a good nickle or dime CB at #76.
i still think ponder could be had later. not saying he will be there for our 3rd rounder but i see him more as a third rounder. you are absolutely right that gabbert and lockers stock have fell but they still have that raw talent that can be had. they also have the intagibles that people crave.
Akeem Ayers if he drops
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Originally posted by LottOfDefense:
I am a starting to think that round 3 may be the time the 9ers go for their quarterback, unless Harbaugh falls in love with one of the guys. Would be ideal to see the 9ers come out with any combination of Miller/Quinn and J. Smith/Taylor with the 1st 2 picks.
I tend to agree with you on the 3rd round being the QB pick. Being this is an off year for QBs, ANY QB picked in the first two rounds might be a step down from what would "normally" be available.

If it were me, I would do my best to keep Franklin and then go OLB/pass rush in the first round and CB in the second.

The FO will be almost forced to take at least one QB, likely in the 3rd, just to satisfy the fan base, however, my hope would be that Harbaugh feels he can coach up Alex Smith to a level that would preclude investing a pick for a trade - just draft a project QB in the 3rd and pray he turns into Joe Montana.
Originally posted by jreff22:
If we take Ponder in the 2nd I will puke
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
Originally posted by jreff22:
If we take Ponder in the 2nd I will puke

Puke b/c of happiness?? Honestly from what i've seen he has all the tools to make it as a starting WCO QB in the NFL. Pro-Bowl lever with the right coaching and attitude. First and foremost he has to want it. If his want to be great is half of what our want for him is, he'll be in the HOF. It's 3:36 in the AM here... I hope what I just said made sence??

Originally posted by joeymac49s:
After going thru about a million mock drafts already and evaluating all the prospects I've come to the conclusion our 2nd Rd pick is going to be VERY important to our team. I believe in the 1st rd. we're going to take (hopefully in this order) Peterson, Prince, Von Miller, Cameron Jordan. With anyone of those 4 players our draft is starting out as a huge success. While trying to evaluate our 2nd rd. pick i've noticed a logjam of talent we could use on our team. Now i'll admit, in my 1st mock draft of the year I had us taking Moffitt as our 2nd rd. pick. Although I do belive he is going to be a pro-bowl type guard at the NFL level I do agree that taking a guard that high is unnecessary. Now, with that being said here are the 4-5 players I have that we should "target" in the 2nd rd. let me know what you think....

Pick #45 San Francisco 49ers select... (in no paticular order)

Phil Taylor DT Baylor 6-4/340 (Not a prototypical Harbaugh DT however he is a house in the middle. He will easily occupy 2 blockers which will free up our LB's to make plays, and is a great run stuffer. He has had some off the field issues, been suspened a full year after a fight at Penn State which is why he could fall this far. CBS has him as a 1-2 rd projection.)

Marvin Austin DT North Carolina 6-2/310 (A prototypical Harbaugh DT, 30 lbs. lighter then Taylor however is VERY athletic. He is easily a top 20 talent when you look at his on the field work. However, like Taylor he was suspended a year (last year). He hasn't played organized football in over a year but he could be a steal at this spot. The reason I have 2-DT's on this list so far is b/c I don't see us tagging Franklin and I belive he could be playing elsewhere next year. I know Ricky Jean has stepped up his game however I would feel much more comfortable with one of these two rotating with him and I believe both have the talent to be rotating full time with him by mid-season. CBS has his as a 2-3 rd. projection but it also says, "If Austin isn't selected in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, he only has himself to blame.")

Bruce Carter OLB North Carolina 6-3/235 (This could very well be our pick if we go Peterson or Prince in Rd 1. He was injured in 2010 however he was one of the top OLB's coming into this season. He is VERY athletic and could be our pass rushing OLB with a little help but honestly he does it all. CBS has him rated as a 2nd rd. talent)

My next 2 options are VERY interesting to me...

Christian Ponder QB Florida St 6'3 228 lbs. (This is the QB I want to be our future. I originally had us taking him in the 3rd rd. which I would still LOVE to do, however I believe after the week he had at the Senior Bowl. It opened a lot of ppl's eyes to him. He is very intelligent, very athletic, very accurate, "prototypical QB size" (I hate that saying) and is coming from a pro-style offense. This is EXACTLY what I want out of the QB we draft for the future. The only thing I DONT like about him is how good he was at the Senior Bowl. CBS now has him rated as a 2nd rd. prospect b/c of that showing. If Harbaugh sees in him what I see in him (and more importantly doesn't see it in any other QB) we may have to take him here.

And last but not least I have a sleeper... not necessilary a need however I believe we have to at least look at him and see what we think about him.

DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma 6-1/207 (I know we don't need a RB but in reality we are probably closer to needing a RB then most ppl would like to admit. Westbrook most likely wont be back so we have Gore who is our all around starting RB, we have Dixon who is our big RB and Murray could be our 4.4 speed RB (4.37 is his personal best). The thing about Murray is he isn't JUST a speed back, he has great hands coming out of the backfield and can run inside just as well as he runs outside. I think taking him does 2 things for our team we need. 1. It will prolong Gore's career b/c he will have someone to share the load with who is more of an all around back like he is (that Dixon isn't). and 2. Murray could be an absolute BEAST in the WCO especially after sitting behind Gore for a few years and learning. The tandem of Murray and Dixon could be a force to recon with and Murray could become the next great 49er RB. CBS has him as a 2-3rd Rd. prospect. If we could steal him in the 3rd rd that could be huge. Also, the same rd Gore came to us in.)

I know this is a lot of reading but once I get on a roll about the 49ers I can just keep going... Everyone let me know what you think. Once again i'm not an "expert" so please be easy on me. GO NINERS!!!

I'm with you on Ponder. He showed skill, elusiveness, and intellegence at the Senior Bowl. He was projected to be a first rounder before his production sliped due to being banged up the last two years. Plus he did drop back from center some at Florida State. I am sold on Ponder. I kind of see him as a potential Matt Hasselbeck (in his prime) type player. I also see some similarites to Kevin Kolb who we may or may not be interested in. Take Ponder give Harbaugh 2-3 years with him then watch out.
Originally posted by jreff22:
If we take Ponder in the 2nd I will puke

Can you elaborate? I am just currious as to what your critisms are of him.
Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
i'd be surprised if we don't use our second pic on a QB.

or trade it for Kevin Kolb.
hopefully not
If the Niners do not draft CB in the first round, then they almost certainly will in the second round. They need someone to come in right away and make an impact at the position. I seriously doubt Nate Clements will be on the roster when the season begins.

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It's been reported that Ponder's arm reminds people of Pennington.. which means, it aint workin at Candlestick Wind!!
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