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My Top 10 mock & 5 rounds for us! ENJOY

This is my Mock draft for the first 10 picks and then ours through the 4th round. I have also listed in a trade and reasoning. Would love some feedback! Again this isn’t my wish list (would much rather have Peterson), but it’s what I think is going to happen on draft day.

Carolina – Nick Fairley, DT – Auburn – People forget that Carolina had plenty of pass rush from the DE spot last year as Charles Johnson had over 10 sacks and Everett Brown is improving. Fairley will help in rushing the passer and stopping the run. Since Bowers/Peterson/Fairley will be graded so evenly, I think the pick goes to the greater need.

Denver – D’Quan Bowers -- I don’t like the “Bailey is leaving so Peterson is the guy comparison” because I think this team will simply select the best player available to them. Elvis will be a question mark on his return and Ayers has been a disappointment so far. There are holes in the secondary, but that will wait.

Buffalo – Patrick Peterson, CB – LSU –I could also see this being AJ Green based on how crazy Buffalo drafts, it’s almost like you throw logic out and throw a dart at a dartboard for this pick. I just feel that Buffalo’s front office feels like they can get production based on their offensive system (see Stevie Johnson) and will want a CB like Revis for themselves.

Cincinnati – AJ Green, WR – Georgia – Owens will be gone, Ocho will probably follow, and Simpson appears to be a really good #2 option. Green’s the guy to go with the owner’s commitment to Carson.

Arizona – Von Miller, OLB – Texas A & M – Their pass rush is awful, the D-line has a bright future though with Dan Williams, Dockett, and Campbell on it. Rushing the passer would go a long way towards hiding the problems their secondary showed last year. Whisenhunt was following Miller at Senior Bowl.

Cleveland – Marcell Dareus, DL – Alabama – This would give a great run support/interior pass rusher to partner with an aging Shaun Rogers. He is also versatile enough to play DE in 3-4, so could be beneficial in sub packages. They wanted Miller or Green and “settle” on Dareus.

San Fran – Robert Quinn, DE/OLB – UNC – We need a pass rusher (we’ve beaten the horse to death) and this guy could be the next DeMarcus Ware. He has great speed, used his hands well, and has the burst that can’t be taught. He’ll be the difference between Lawson’s “pressures” and real hits on the QB!

Tennessee – Blaine Gabbert, QB – Missouri – New regime, new QB for a team with no coach and no quarterback currently. Has a lot of good things in his game and has the frame/skill-set to improve in most NFL offenses. Having Chris Johnson in the backfield will certainly help the rookie’s cause!

Dallas – Prince Amukamara, CB – Nebraska – Newman just looked old last year in a lot of spots and Mike Jenkins certainly regressed. Both Scandrick and Jenkins have proven to be too hot-headed, as effective long term replacements for Newman. Amukamara is also BPA at this point which makes an easy decision for Jerry Jones.

Washington – Cam Newton, QB – Auburn – I do believe that this pick will be traded and probably won’t be Newton at #10, but I do think that Newton is going to Washington in Rd 1. Just a hunch but I think the team will feel pressure to replace McNabb and don’t feel confident enough about other prospects being available with their other picks. Most likely a trade down a few spots, but Cam goes to the Skins.

More picks through the rest of our draft:

Round 2: TRADED TO PHILLY for Kevin Kolb. It just seems like this deal is already in the preliminary stages at this point. I’m not a real big fan of this move, but I do believe it’s going to happen. It just always seems that Philly fleeces teams for 2nd round picks on their back-up QB’s. The difference could be a similar Offense and Philly did have him listed as the starter last year. (Probably going to have to give a conditional pick in 2012 and our other 4th rounder this year as well).

Round 3: Rashad Carmichael– CB, VA Tech—This position has been sorry for years and I think that Carmichael will at least get a chance to play in Nickel right away. Brown needs to only play Dime/Special teams coverage.

Round 4: Jerrelle Powe, NT – Ole Miss – Get a big bodied guy to help rotate with Franklin and potentially replace him.

Round 4 #2 is traded to Philly…

Round 5 : Stanley Havili, FB- USC—I think Harbaugh will greet him over the phone and ask “what’s your deal?” right away to clear any hard feelings.
I like the draft a lot.

I dont understand why Buffalo would take Peterson over Dareus though. Their secondary is actually not that bad, its there front 7 that is lacking.
Not bad
Originally posted by niner4life21:
I like the draft a lot.

I dont understand why Buffalo would take Peterson over Dareus though. Their secondary is actually not that bad, its there front 7 that is lacking.

Thanks, i just think Buffalo will attempt to copy the cb they see twice a year and value Peterson more based on evaluation. Imo: Peterson, Bowers, Fairley, and Green will be rated very closely and Dareus will fall a little behind them.
NO TO KOLB!!! All he can throw is a bubble screen... Every other pass he tries looks like a duck, i mean even jeff garcia had a stronger arm...
I'd rather draft Gabbert
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
I'd rather draft Gabbert
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
I'd rather draft Gabbert
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
I'd rather draft Gabbert

Liked the draft. Quinn at 7 will be f**kin awesome!
I like the draft and the trade!

I don't think any QB in the draft is better than Kolb so I'm one of the few that doesn't mind giving up a 2nd for him. I think he will be a good fit in Harbaugh's offense.

Getting Quinn, Kolb and Carmichael with our first three picks fills our 3 major holes.
Originally posted by 49ersMyLife:
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
I'd rather draft Gabbert

I've got to agree and give the NO right now to Gabbert. I think he has a lot of the skills, but is certainly not much of a sure thing. His workouts and combine will go a long way, but in all honesty I trust Harbaugh and will trust his assessment.

Gabbert's rise to the top of the QB rankings reminds me a lot of Sanchez a few years ago, I just don't know if I see the same QB moxie that Sanchez seems to have that made everyone go nuts over him.

The QB's in this draft see such little seperation in my view from rounds 1 to 4. They all have major flaws that cause concern; that's the only reason I'm really on board with the Kolb pick.
Nice job. Not a big Kolb fan, but your draft scenario seems well thought out.
This is one of the more plausible mocks I've seen of the way the top of the first round is likely to play out...short of someone trading up into the top 6 spots (see below).

I really doubt the Niners trade a 2nd for Kolb. The odds are much more likely they'll draft the best CB at that point since there are 2-3 good ones available, though if Phil Taylor inexplicably drops that far I don't see how the Niners won't take him.

Regarding 1st round trades, there are enough teams who think they're only a player away from the Super Bowl that they'll find prospective partners who are several players away from being respectable teams. In this case, all kinds of wacky stuff could happen at the top of the draft. What makes this scenario all the more likely is that the new CBA's much-discussed cap on rookie pay will make these picks a lot more affordable than in the past.
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I think Arizona opts to snag Gabbert, and not Miller.

They desperately need a QB, and Gabbert fits their semi-spread offense.