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Mayock on QB class

I disagree with Mayock, he has Kappernick ahead of Ponder. Which is a joke IMO
Originally posted by canadian49erfan:
I disagree with Mayock, he has Kappernick ahead of Ponder. Which is a joke IMO

Kapp has the size and overall athletic ability advantage. He is also not an injury case like Ponder. Ponder is a more polished "pro ready" passer but his ceiling is not as high as Kapp.
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wat round is dalton predicted in?

2nd-3rd, though he is moving up. If there is a run on QBs he might even sneak into the first round. Newton and Gabbert are generally seen as the likely first 2 to go. After them, it's anyone's bet.

I would be absolutely shocked if Dalton went in the first.

Yeah, it isn't likely, but stranger things have happened toward the end of the first round. I will say that if the Niners want him they probably won't be able to wait until the third.

The CBA will play a big part I think. Teams worried about it. Will draft players higher then they should go..

Exactly.....John Clayton of ESPN has Dalton going to Jacksonville with the 16th pick of the entire draft. If the Niners really like the guy, they will probably have to get him at #7 or trade down a few slots and then pick him.

No way he lasts until the 45th pick... In the second round, the Niners have the 13th pick and there are a lot of teams in front of them in that round that need QBs...

Unfortunately, it is a bad year to need a QB... The good news is that Harbaugh is great at evaluating and developing talent at that position.

I would venture to say that the Niners will probably wait until the 3rd round or later to get a QB and then pick one who is flying under the radar right now...
Here is the thing tho, its not the style the QB plays, its the QB himself. I hear people downing Mallett because he cant run away from the rush, neither can Manning Brady Brees or Rivers, and they are the 4 best QBs in the L.
If you can read the d fast enough and have a great arm, you dont need to run.

If you are big and athletic enough to avoid a rush and keep looking downfield to hit the uncovered guy than you dont need to be able to dissect a defense pre-snap. Its all about the player, stop getting caught up in who they look like. Either they can play, or they cant.

And the spread doenst mean anything, its the guy running the spread. Sam Bradford ran mostly a spread in college, very few times they would line up in I-form. And you seen what he did this year.

Only two QBs are worth a first round pick, Mallett and Newton. All the rest around worth taking because you dont take a project and HOPE they become good. 2nd round qbs are less than half as likely as first round qbs to become starters. You dont call them busts tho so their failures arent as remembered.

The rest of them are projects and anyone projecting them to be good NFL starters are just hoping. Blaine Gabbert? Have any of you actually watched him play? He is being rated highly because he LOOKS like a bunch of guys in the L, but he doesnt PLAY like it.

Kap or Ponder? thats like asking me who is going to0 be a better backup in 5 years.

Stanzi? Seriously watch some games.
Originally posted by canadian49erfan:
I disagree with Mayock, he has Kappernick ahead of Ponder. Which is a joke IMO

Good call. Kaepernick is a joke compared to Ponder.

Mayocks top 5 Quarterback:

1. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri
2. Jake Locker, Washington*
3. Cam Newton, Auburn*
4. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas
5. Christian Ponder, Florida State

Now we are getting

What did people miss?" Mayock said. "Kaepernick, I went over my notes this fall. When he started taking off, I went back to my college notes on him, and I was like look at all this I have written on this kid. What I had was big arm, wildly inconsistent, great athlete."

Now he says Kap has dramatically improved in his "wildly inconsistent" area. Thus Mayock has been right all along. Except that he would advised every NFL team not to draft Kaepernick (and even Dalton).

This guy is an expert. Cam was obvious. If he wasn't completely wrong then which of his Top 5 would you trade for Kap?

Surely he couldn't be that wrong. But he was and he is continued to be reference here like you can bank on his comments. Joke.
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Originally posted by canadian49erfan:
I disagree with Mayock, he has Kappernick ahead of Ponder. Which is a joke IMO

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