This will be a unique draft because they probably will not have a CBA in place, so FA's and RFA's will be in limbo.

Assuming NO FA, what are the niners biggest needs to be filled in the draft?

1. QB- no question
2. 3-4 DE, Justin Smith is a rock star, but he needs help on the DL, or if he gets injured or is out of a game (see Rams game) niners are screwed.
2.5 NT- RJF, assuming Franklin is not kept
3. CB
4. OLB
5. Center-Baas is not re signed, have Wragge(not resigned) and heitmann
6. MLB- Spikes not re signed
7. WR
8. FS-
9. RB- depends on Westbrook
10. FB- Morris is long in the tooth