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Post Harbaugh Mock

what is the love with Jones? The guy drops more balls than a cheap hooker on Broadway BLVD. If we acquire a WR in the FA market I don't see him being the one we go after.
NIce I like everything except I would take a QB in the first and a CB in the second rd plenty of quality cbs will be there in the 2nd rd and pick a FS in the 3rd. No need for a OG we can get one with one of the 4th rd picks. We already have Soap and RJF and a rookie if Franklin leaves. Looks good but if we sign McNabb I really think its a stop gap for two yrs so we need to get a qb to develop. I really like Mallet reminds me of Flaco. He's the only qb besides Luck that takes direct snaps not shot gun, has a great play action and cannon arm. In the bowl game he rolled out nice and had some great fade routes nice touch.
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