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With the 1st pick in the 2011 NFL draft...

Alright, it's early, but with Luck staying in school the first pick in the draft is wide open. The 1st pick will dictate the rest of the draft, so how do you think Carolina will pick?

This is how I think it'll go down:

Carolina could go several directions. If they fall for Gabbert or Mallett, he'll be the pick. I don't think that'll happen. Next year looks like a better QB class, so giving Clausen another chance and reentering the Luck sweepstakes is more likely.

This is a team that was devastated by injuries. Most people think they'll go with a DE, but with Charles Johnson (11.5 sacks), Everette Brown (IR/3.5 sacks), and Greg Hardy (3 sacks), I think they pass. They could really use a DT, so Fairley and Dareus will get a look, but I think it comes down to Peterson and Green.

At CB they have Gamble and Marshall, so Peterson is out. At WR, it starts to get ugly. They have Steve Smith, who is openly frustrated and possibly on his way out. Surely they'd love to resign him, but he needs someone to compliment him. Clowney and Lafell failed to take pressure off of him and Gettis was a pleasant surprise. If they select A.J. Green, it might be exactly what they need to entice Smith to stay. With Gettis as their #3, they'd have some nice firepower. There Oline will be back in tact next season, which sets the stage for Claussen to prove his worth. If he succeeds, great! If not, they have a shot at a top QB next year. It's a win-win situation.

I'm going with A.J.Green as the #1 pick in the draft.
F*ck the Panthers.
Originally posted by bigmike55:
F*ck the Panthers.

Still mad because they beat us?

I'm fine with it. We robbed them on the Everette Brown pick/trade. We essentially landed Iupati for a 2nd round pick. We should trade with them more often.
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AJ Green

or Blaine Gabbert

or if he rocks it tonight in the NC, Cam Newton

I say Green but the other two are possibilities. On a side note how DUMB is Owner Jerry Richardson. He told everyone he was drafting Luck, perhaps forgetting the fact they don't have a current head coach. Why would a head coach want to enter a situation where the owner unilaterally makes his own calls without consulting anyone? Isn't that what they do in Oakland? Not to mention he 100% threw a young Jimmy Clausen under the bus.
I think Cam Newton could actually be picked number 1 overall this year. I can see him lighting up the combine and Carolina is that desperate to take him to sell tickets.
If they are not gonna draft a QB with that pick and if they plan on using Claussen they better get him some help and draft Green
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Originally posted by valrod33:
If they are not gonna draft a QB with that pick and if they plan on using Claussen they better get him some help and draft Green

but I thought Claussen was the best QB in the world Mel Kipper you tool
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