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Football Gameplan's 2011 NFL Mock Draft Video - Version 2

Good Afternoon Niner Fans!! Here's my updated Mock Draft - 1/7/11


i can dig emdigg

I don't see any way Bowers drops out of the top 5, let alone top 10.

Interesting draft order as well...
I really like that mock but you forgot to mention one thing... You said Gabbert and Mallet's footwork was sloppy but Cam Newton's mechanics/footwork is just as sloppy, He always throws off balance most of the time. He has a helluva arm but he needs to work on his intermediate throws. I do not see Bowers dropping out the top 10 like that (If anythink Dallas probally scoops him up at the latest). As an Alabama fan I have always said Mark Ingram reminds me of Frank Gore. To me there is so much comparison blocking, running, YAC, patience, leadership, and the list can go on. I think you did a great job even though I want Peterson more than Amukamara but I will take either or.
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