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La Michael James consideration?

Ok the two glaring needs we have is QB and CB (People say we need a pass rusher but that can be retained because LaBoy did a fine job at doing that last year and Brooks can be effective as well. To me there is no QB out there worth drafting at number 7. I want either Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamara (preferably Peterson) because im tired of our secondary being a joke. I would rather trade a 3rd/4th for Kolb or Orton and draft a QB in 2nd (Stanzi) or later rounds. Being That Gore is coming off a broken Hip and not knowing what will happen about retaining Westbrook how does anyone out here look at taking James at 7 for BPA if Peterson/Amukamara are gone?

To me this kid is exciting and makes big plays. He reminds me a smaller version of Chris Johnson because hes not afraid of contact and his game speed is unreal. Soon as he hits an open whole the guy is gone. Yes I know 49ers taking him at #7 would be a head scratcher it seems like but theres alot of logic to it. Gore cant last forever but I do believe he can come back and be affective and prove alot of doubters wrong. The problem is for how long? I think we should convert Dixon a FB and let Norris take a walk. I think theres a chance Westbrook can stay but other teams might start flashing some green in his face and lure him away.

I dont care if im the only one that would like this move but I would be content with it. This could be one of those BPA moves and who all knows who we may get in Free Agency to fill those other voids. I remember alot of us wanted Spiller last year and to me I think he can be just effective as CJ. I am not gonna post a bunch of highlight videos on him because the guy is all over youtube and we will get to see against Auburn tomorrow night.

He's staying in college.
Originally posted by nickbradley:
He's staying in college.

ahhh f**k where did you hear that? I have no idea how and why that slipped by me.
Wait till after Monday. He may change his mind. They all say that before bowl games.
Originally posted by LBSI9ers:
Wait till after Monday. He may change his mind. They all say that before bowl games.

See after Nick said that in his post I thought the same thing what you just posted. Please I would like to hear what everyone thinks about this. I dont care if you rip into me but I want legit justification why we shouldnt.
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He is staying in college -- him and Andrew Luck are all about those diplomas over millions of dollars of guaranteed cash. ESPN made a big deal about it like a full week ago if not longer. Not knocking on staying in school but it seems irrational to turn down millions for a piece of paper that you could easily get after a few extra years.

But I'm calling it right now that he is the next Brian Westbrook -- great catching out of the backfield and tons of YAC -- and he almost has the Barry Sanders shoulder juke type speed. Speaking of Barry Sanders, get ready to watch his kid tear it up in the SEC for Alabama next year O:

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