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Blaine Gabbert - Scouting Report

by The Sports Xchange

Accuracy: Regularly shows the ability to place the ball on his target's numbers, though most of his best throws came within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage because of the Missouri spread offense. Throws darts to either side of the field on short timing routes and passes between the hashes. Gives his receivers a chance to make a play after the catch on crossing routes, leading them perfectly when he's comfortable in the pocket. Inconsistent throwing outside the hashes, however, making some fantastic throws on out routes and sailing many others above the head of open receivers or coming up short on touch throws over the top. Also inconsistent on short throws when under pressure.

Arm Strength: Has a solid NFL arm and throws a tight spiral, giving him the capability to stretch the field horizontally and vertically. Threads the ball between the corner and safety against cover-two and needles the ball through tight windows over the middle. Flashes nice touch on seam throws to the tight end. Needs to throttle down a bit more consistently; will overthrow passes in close proximity and sail sideline patterns.

Setup/Release: Looks the part of a pocket passer, standing tall in the pocket. Usually has a quick release, almost whipping the ball out. Winds up and double-clutches on occasion, but still releases the ball quickly. Completes downfield passes with traffic around him, but will short-arm throws and panic with pressure coming straight at him. Generally balanced, sometimes throwing from his back foot. Pats the ball to keep rhythm on long throws. Does not feel backside pressure well. Can get happy feet against a strong defense, though he will re-set his feet and deliver at times. Almost always in the shotgun formation, must master the traditional snap from center. When not taking one step back and firing a short throw, gets a bit long with his final drop step making it difficult to transition back forward and leaving him susceptible to pass rush.

Reading Defenses:
Will take time to transition to the NFL because he runs the typical spread offense. Only reads one receiver on many plays, or even half of one side of the field. Stares down receivers and defenders read him easily. Does not look for secondary receivers, tends to take off instead. Fails to see blitzes coming consistently, even when they aren't disguised.

On the Move: Nice athlete for a quarterback his size, makes plays outside the pocket and able to pick up more than a first down on the run. Shows some elusiveness in the pocket, but chooses to run outside rather than step up to find a receiver. Falls forward for first downs, but must learn how to push the pile on sneaks. Willing to throw the ball away if nothing is available. Good mobility outside the pocket, but gets inconsistent in his accuracy and makes some poor decisions because he gets impatient. Is not overly elusive, will not escape NFL pockets and tackles as easily as he is able to do in college. Needs to learn how to slide.

Intangibles: Respected leader in the locker room. Has the confidence to win over the huddle. Willing to put in the time in the film room to master the offense. Very competitive, gives full effort on the field. Played only five games as a high school senior because of foot and shoulder injuries.

still want him?....
"will overthrow passes in close proximity and sail sideline patterns."

i stopped reading after that. we've had that with every qb since jeff garcia left town.
i take whatver these reports say with a grain of salt tho. after reading all the b.s. that guy was spewing about cam newtons accuracy when he was second only to luck in accuracy this year this guy lost all credibility.
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