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Senior Bowl + Combine = GARBAGE

Looks like this thread is over
Originally posted by stever:
Looks like this thread is over

Stever, you going to do another top 100 this year?
Originally posted by Blake_Fever:
Dominant thread.

Weak response.

But at least you gave adequate reasons.


Hey Newb.

Weak response. Defend your thread!!!!!
I remember how Nolan would always coach the Senior Bowl when he was here. It was the only SB we ever got to in recent years.
Joe Flacco would disagree with the OP.
In part, he's right. The SB and Combine are blown way out of proportion by the media and "gurus". McCloughlan said that their rankings were pretty much complete before the Combine. Sure, players have the ability to help themselves if they can surprise people with their speed and athleticism, if it didn't necessarily come across on film or if they were dealing with injuries during he season. "Potential" is like a drug for scouts.

For QBs, it can be an indication of how well they can learn and adjust to playing with unfamiliar WRs. If a guy struggles dealing with the pressure of SB week or the Combine, that could be very telling.

Teams usually say that the interview process is the most beneficial aspect of it all. I'd imagine that (most) Pro Days and especially private workouts hold much, much weight.

Of course, there's always the Raiders who focus on the 40-times to rank their players.
Senior Bowl is used for evaluating how well the players practice, there is a reason the scouts all leave before the game is actually played.

Combine gives real height/weight and speed numbers, not that any college would give false heights or weights , and I think the triangle numbers are important for evaluators to demonstrate short area quickness and burst especially for skill players. Besides, every once in a great while you get an Andre Smith 40!

Aww, that image will be forever burned into my head.
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Even when it comes to the East/West shrine game where NFL coaches come in and coach the players, who knows if we would have drafted Patrick Willis if it wasnt for some of our coaches going there.
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