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I think we're going Best Player Available Now

With Luck out of the Draft, I'm pretty darn positive that we'll be going best player available at #7...unless we trade for a guy like Kevin Kolb or something like that.

The best 10 players in this draft are all need positions for the 49ers: QB, DL, CB. AJ Green would also be taken if there at #7 because he is just that good.
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A.J. Green wont make it past #3 .....The panthers will either draft a DE or a WR to try and give Clausen a chance to look good. I'm sure next year Tony Pike could even beat out Clausen for the starting gig anyway. Depending on if we decided to take a QB in the first round or not we need to take the best DE, LB, or CB on the board so if Amukamara, Miller or Quinn fall to us I know bet we would take them.

QB's like Devlin, Ponder and Stanzi will be around in the middle rounds but don't be surprised if we drafted Cam Newton - I haven't watched any of Josh Johnson's playing time but if he is even remotely similar to how Johnson played for Harbaugh we would probably snap him up with #7.
is there a 3/4 OLB/DE prospect worthy of a top 10 pick this year?
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