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FCS National Championship: Delaware vs. Eastern Washington (ESPN2)

only time I saw Devlin play is when he came on in releif at Penn St to beat Ohio St at Columbus in 2008

I am impressed
I just really don't see any glaring flaws with Devlin.

The knocks you can put on him are:

-Shotgun heavy offense
-Poor competition
-Faces very little pressure.
And now you start to see Devlin's weaknesses emerge. He is extremely indecisive under pressure. Now that Eastern Washington has started getting pressure, Delaware has scored ZERO points in the second half. Eastern Washington is about to make an amazing comeback. They have the ball, the score 13-19, with about seven minutes left in the game.

Devlin seems unable to escape from pressure, and I don't see him setting his feet when he's rushed.
watch him win it....flashing back to 2008 v OSU
well all they need is a field goal
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