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What if we get Harbaugh?

Would we tank next year for Luck?
No tanking, why the hell would we wanna tank, the players would have no faith in this organization.
Maybe we will get him. Maybe not. We will try to win.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Maybe we will get him. Maybe not. We will try to win.

and that we should, It is like the Bush s**t that went on the yr he came out, Lets tank and win the lottery and get Bush.

Well Bush has done crap since. Not saying Luck will do the same, but never never never tank for one player, because he could pull an Eli and demand a trade and never sign.
I Bet we have a better chance of getting him next year, leinarts stock droped would have gone #1 year before (to us) locker would have probably gone #1 ahead of bradford probably 3rd QB off the board this year (out of top 10) and luck will probably follow the pattern especially if harbaugh is in the nfl, hopefully with us so this might work out for us

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