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Vince Young vs. High Draft Pick QB

Originally posted by ninerlifer:

Best movie ever!
Originally posted by ColoradoNiner:
Young will end up with the Raiders..... Mark my words.....
i think about the redskins...they always pick up some garbage.

seriously, the guy is 27 and still seems not be mature...we dont need a head case at a key position at all.

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Originally posted by lamontb:
Originally posted by TX9R:
Whay is everyone assuming he would have to be a starting QB? He has to rebuild his rep to get that. The guy has talent, I think he could be a huge situational player that lines up all over the field. I guarantee Sean Payton could make use of those talents. You can never have enough talent on your team. You could use him like Tebow should be used: QB/Hback/TE that causes mass confusion pre snap and mismatches that occasionally throws the ball.

I agree but I really don't think VY would by in and play another position. The guy has been a starting NFL qb for the last 3/4 years now. I can't see him going out there and catching passes. And we already know the guy has a poor attitude when things aren't going his way.

Oh that's definately a risk, but maybe, maybe, this will humble him and force him to do whatever it takes. Doubtful, but if communicated to him up front and contractually it's a gamble, much like Vick was, that could pay dividends down the road.
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