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First Mock of the New Year

horrible 1st round pick. other than that its ok
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Can we please stop with the sign and trades. This isnt the NBA.

Actually franchising a guy a trading him isnt uncommon.

I think trading Franklin might actually happen; I don't think he wants to be here anymore (or at least isn't interested in the kind of contract we've been offering), and the only way to get some value for him is to franchise/trade him. The Texans might be a destination for him, since they're moving to a 3-4 and don't have a real NT.

I was wondering about that. If Phillips could run a 4-3...cuz I dont see Williams as a 3-4 end or OLB

But ok mock besides the Locker pick
We need prince with our #7 from Nebraska. That kid is a lock down corner back.
I'm so tired of losing. This is such a QB driven league that I say we make a run at trading our 1st rounder for Kevin Kolb or draft the sickest COrner back in the draft named prince amakumara or Patrick Peterson but I think prince is gonna be better in the long run.
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