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Lets Just say....hypothetical

If this team truly believes Luck + Harbaugh is enough you go to CAR and say here is our offer. You have 48 hours to take it or leave it. Shopping it around isn't an option.

Option A
3 #1 picks
2010 1st round #7
2011 1st round TBD
2012 1st round TBD


Option B
2 #1 picks and 2 #2s
2010 1st and 2nd round
2011 1st round
2012 2nd round

I prefer Option A myself. You can live without 1st round picks if you draft well (we live without them since we draft poorly...I'm looking at you Kentwan Balmer). It gives us picks to fill out the roster in addition to Luck.

Trading an entire draft is no good b/c you give up on gems in rounds 2-7 (think Ricky Williams)

Get Luck to declare and don't mess up his development and the risk may be worth it

Crazy yes...but Harbaugh knows Luck's abilities the best and if he thinks he is the missing gem pull the trigger. A franchise QB is worth more than 2 extra first round picks.
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For a team with as many needs as the 49ers still have, any player or draft pick deal to get Luck is worth the difference between Luck and the next best or second best QB in the draft. Luck is certainly the most pro-ready QB but if you have to give up a chance to get two or more other impact players (1st round draft picks) in order to get him, he isn't worth it.

If all this team needed was a QB and they would be in the Super Bowl, then a multi-draft pick deal makes sense, however, when you also have no pass rush, an aging and largely ineffective secondary and no speed at WR, then giving up a chance to solve three other high need areas in order to get a QB is nonsense.

Nothing hypothetical here. Just the reality that as nice as it would be to have Luck, the cost is going to be just too great.
no way carolina gives up their #1 if Luck comes out!

end thread please!!!!
Originally posted by SoCal9ers:
no way carolina gives up their #1 if Luck comes out!

end thread please!!!!

plenty of reason they trade away the #1 pick now
Well we have a shot at luck next year or Barkley.
Give Em Staley And JOsh MOrgan and Even Justin Smith
i would not trade up using players...draft picks maybe.....y would we trade our top tier proven NFL talent for a guy who has yet to take an NFL snap?....98% of the players Luck has played against aren't going to get drafted...but we're gonna give up Willis, Davis, or Gore? guys who have proven themselves against players who have all been drafted by NFL teams?....not worth it
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