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First Look at 2011 Draft's Top 7

1. Carolina: QB Andrew Luck Stanford
I don't necessarily think Carolina will pick Luck here at #1, but I do think Luck will be top overall pick. There's a good chance a team like Buffalo, Cincy, Arizona or even the Niners will be willing to sell the farm to move up and draft Luck - assuming he does enter the draft.

2. Denver: DT Nick Fairley Auburn
Denver will be looking to upgrade its very shaky front-7 and for my money the best player available is Fairly who has been a one-man wrecking crew for AUB this season. Marcel Dareus and Bowers will get looks here as well. If Champ Bailey leaves, Patrick Peterson becomes an enticing option at CB.

3. Buffalo: DE Da'Quan Bowers Clemson
I would think Buffalo will be trying to position themselves to move up to #1 and grab Luck, but if not, they need to find a playmaker for the front-7. Bowers is a rare specimen in the mold of Julius Peppers and will instantly be Buffalo's best player on their D-Line. Again, if Luck isn't the target at 1, Dareus, Peterson, Fairley and Quinn are all options as well.

4. Cincinnati: DL Marcel Dareus Alabama
Depending on what happens at QB, DL is a big position of need. If Fairley and Bowers are gone, I think it will be between Dareus and Quinn and in this case, the DT wins out.

5. Arizona: CB Patrick Peterson LSU
QB has to be the top priority in AZ, so Ryan Mallett can come into play here if the Cards don't make a play for Luck - though I think the top 5 is too early for him. Besides at QB, AZ has been atrocious on the defensive back-end this year and if Peterson is available he's be impossible to pass up here.

6. Cleveland: WR A.J. Green Georgia
Cleveland needs playmakers on both sides of the ball, and for my money, Green is the most explosive offensive player in this draft. Cleveland needs to put more pieces in place around McCoy and Green is a good start. DEs Bowers and Quinn and DTs Fairley and Dareus also make sense here.

7. San Francisco: CB Prince Amukamara Nebraska
Picking at #7 the 49ers should have some options to really get themselves a great player. I know QB is priority #1 this offseason, but a close #2 and #3 has to be the secondary and pass rush. I know Mallet will have strong support from some fans, but I'm just not comfortable taking him so early - if he can be had around picks 12-16 thats a much more attractive propositions. At #7 I think the targets really have to be CBs Prince Amukamara or Patrick Peterson or a DE/OLB like Bowers or Quinn. For my money, Amukamara is the best cover CB in this draft and maybe even in the last several years. Adding him to the secondary instantly makes that group a strength (especially if you can play Clements at FS). Again, QB Mallet, DE/OLBs Quinn and Bowers, and even DT/DEs Fairley and Dareus all make sense as well.

Other Prospects I like:
OLB Ryan Kerrigan Purdue
CB Aaron Williams Texas
CB Brandon Harris Miami
OLB Von Miller Texas A&M
i like the mock but i doubt the cardinals go after a CB they already have a dcent secondary so if a qb isnt avaliable im sure they would adress the pass rush pisition someone like dareus
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