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Bowl Week Prospect Watch #3 (Jan. 1 - 4)

Originally posted by NorCaL9er:
Prior didn't have to do that interview with two of his teammates holding him up ... dude is walking around waving his arms on stage lol

The guy doesnt exactly have alot of character. I know some OSU stories about him at parties. Not exactly a classy guy.
Mallet seems similar to Jay Cutler to me. His receivers did drop a lot of well thrown balls. But I don't want Mallet on the Niners.
Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
One thing I forgot to mention about Pryor is that for all the hype about him playing in a pro-style offense he still took snaps out of the shotgun at least half the time.

I came into the game with my top 5 QB's as follows:
1. Luck
2. Newton
3. Mallett
4. Pryor
5. Gabbert

This game did nothing to change my opinions.

I actually want Gabbert over Newton and Mallett and Pryor. Reason is he has similar physical tools to Luck, but less hype so he's actually attainable. Sure he's not nearly as smart as Luck is yet, but he's tall and mobile and has a good arm and he's pretty accurate. He can make tough throws. Mallett is rather slow and has poor decision making at times. Newton is legit but the things that bug me about him are still the funky offense he plays in and how often he runs. I can just see that dude being the next Vince Young instead of a revolutionay NFL player. Pryor is a better pocket passer and he could be a young McNabb, but the stuff I've heard about him indicates he's a DBag and he still runs a lot. Plus he doesn't always make great decisions either, if the Arkansas DBs had hands they would've picked off that gift he threw up to them.

You'll probably respond with "well Gabbert still made a bad decision that lost it for Mizzou, why does he get a pass for that and Mallett and Pryor don't get 1 for their INTs", and that's cool because I respect your opinion. But I guess when I look at him play, I would say he has less to learn than Newton, better tools and he's more malleable as a QB than Mallett, and he's got better character and maybe a better leader than Pryor(who I actually think could turn out to be an absolute stud of a QB but I dunno). I feel like if we do get Harbaugh, he can probably turn any of these guys or even Locker into a good QB. So when I look at the guys with the tools like all these guys, I feel like Gabbert is the best combination of potential and he's already played on a team that's built on his arm. Pryor and Mallett were on more talented teams IMO, and Newton gets by with running a lot. I dunno and you might not agree with me, but I just have a feeling that Gabbert can be really really good if he's coached right.
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