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AB's Top 5's

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No Oregon players

I understand.. but watch out for Casey Matthews, yes, Clay Matthews little bro.

I see him going somewhere in the 3rd round, very solid linebacker, can play either inside or outside.

Im very very close to ranking LaMichael James ahead of Royster and Devine, I love James, just wanna see him in the national champ game 1st.

This is pre bowls by the way, so it will change alot between now and draft time.
James is not declaring.

Yup, announced that today. I expect him to stay all 5 years actually. Just a hunch. Small running backs tend to stay till their senior year to bulk up. You could compare him to MJD or Ray Rice because they are both small, but the fact is, is that they are like little wrecking balls while James is a twig... I hope he does well in the NFL, i really do, but he is just too damn small.

Casey and Jeff Maehl in the 5th or 6th would be a great addition to the team.

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You may have to adjust this QB list. Locker is stinking up his bowl game. Terrible terrible QB play.

He was bad all year. Not sure why AB has him ranked #2 at all.
Great post, I like everything except Locker at 11.
Only one guy missing at WR. What about Ryan Broyles from Oklahoma? 118 catches for 1452 yds and 13 TD's is really impressive.
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