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If Luck Stays, does Gabbert Declare?

If Luck Stays, does Gabbert Declare?

Adam Schefter reported that gabbert is gonna be a late round steal and has all the intangibles to be a great NFL qb. If luck doesn't come out I want Prince in the 1st round and gabbert in the 2nd or stanzi if we can't get him that's what it's looking like for us right now. But if luck declares I want this team to draft him I've been watching standford all season long and everything luck does is amazing. Move up nomatter what the cost. If we can get luck and harbaugh our days of being a horrible team are officially over and we can start being a real franchise again let's get it done front office.
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Gabbert is not a top 10 pick, let alone a 1st rd pick to me.

He is in a gimick offense, and he is not gonna be a guy like Luck, he has Alex Smith all over him.

I have Gabbert as a 2nd rd guy, but would rather take him over Newton, who I dont understand the hype.

Newton has shown me nothing that says he can even read an NFL defense.

Whoa, hold your horses. Newton was a bench player in Florida, transferred to some crappy college and then to Auburn, where he excelled for ONE year. Sure, he was successful but he is far from a lock in the NFL.

Really? I know why he cant read an NFL D....because he plays in college!!!!

Cam has played in the toughest conference, and 2 tough NFL style D's in LSU and Alabama. Please save the fact that he plays in a gimmick O. If you saw the SEC title game, when Auburn came out throwing, everyone saw that Cam can make every throw effortlessly. The hype is that he is a winner, and that he has everything that teams look for in a qb.
Meh. I don't see it.
Plays like a spread QB that can't make it in the NFL. Lets look for Kingsburry,or BJ Simmons they have big numbers like him.
ugh, number 11???
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ugh, number 11???

Oh yeah forgot about him! Thx.
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