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What do the 49ers need to draft in the 1st round?

What do the 49ers need to draft in the 1st round?

In this order, QB, DE, CB. I think CB is a greater need than DE, but there's more depth at the CB position and we could pick up a viable one in rounds 2-3. I think its most likely we're picking between 5-10 and the top QB prospect (Luck), the top DE prospect (Bowers), and the top CB prospect (Peterson) may all be gone at that point. I'd be ok with us taking Prince Amukamara since he is the BPA. I dont' really feel comfortable taking another 3-4 DL or the North Carolina defensive end who sat out a year.
pick a card any card
CB, QB, DL, or OLB -- Any of these would be perfectly fine. Especially if we get a strong veteran QB.
It depends on who is available. If Newton is there, take him. I don't think he's ready to carry the team, but he has the kind of talent to win a game on ability alone from time to time, which is what I expect from a QB that could be drafted in the top 10. Considering we most likely are going to get a offensive coach (and in the case of Harbaugh, a former NFL QB at that), he can get him ready to play in 2012/2013.

If Newton isn't available, we HAVE to get a pass rusher. That may be a DE or OLB depending on what scheme what use. The need for a guy that can generate pressure, get to the QB, and cause offenses to game plan for him will make the entire defense look much better.
What we need is not a what, it's who, and that who is Andrew luck. Nomatter what the cost that's what we need and this team should try to get out of this draft. If for some reason he stays let's get prince aku
QB, CB, DE/OLB (Depending on scheme)
9ers have been looking for a pass rush for years. It's time to go after one of the many OLB/DEs that are listed at the top of the draft. Many will be there at #7 but a Franchise QB won't be. CB would be my second choice as there should be at least one of the top two available.
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Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
Jesus as a cornerback would really help

Ryan Mallett nuff said.
If 49ers get Kolb or McNabb, then get CB/FS. 49ers can get Stanzi, Ponder or Dalton on 2nd Rd. CB/FS/SS not good depth for this draft.

Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamara pleeease

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Originally posted by TheGoldenState:
Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamara pleeease

I agree!! The only two QBs I'll be excited about are Luck or Newton. Ohter than that, top DB is hard to find.
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
CB, QB, DL, or OLB -- Any of these would be perfectly fine. Especially if we get a strong veteran QB.

+ 1
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
We need talent, regardless of position. However, the priority positions are pretty obvious:
1) QB
2) 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB
3) CB
4) WR
5) FS

I agree with this---looking that we draft # 7 and I could see every team ahead of us possibly wanting to upgrade at the QB position, so getting a top QB may require a trade up or taking a good pass rusher or CB at # 7 and drafting a QB in rounds 2-4 somewhere.
It's really, really simple:

Lot's of CBs taken outside the first turn into good starting players.

Almost no QBs taken outside the first turn into solid, unquestioned starters.

Yeah, Brady and Romo did it. Two players last 10 years.

Teams don't fix themselves until they fix their QB position. And unless you get freakishly lucky, you don't fix your QB position without using a first round pick.
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