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Frisco69er Mock Offseason 1.0

Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
Originally posted by TommyFrazier:
I gotta be honest, it was hard to keep reading after you called Eric Wright a "shutdown CB". I'm not sure if you read that or assumed that, but it's FAR from true. He is a poor man's Clement's who can't tackle. He gambles and gets burned FREQUENTLY. Check the first Baltimore game where the Ravens staff identified him as a glaring weakness and torched him. From the day he arrived in Cleveland he has been too much of a gambler with no sound technique.

true i would say that he still needs to develope but as a 4th CB it is a steal.
the guy did very vell when i watched him against randy moss and boldin from what i have seen
Moss wasnt on the Pats when the Browns played them.
Uh, he surrendered 3 TDs to Boldin this year in the first Ravens Browns game. 8 catches, 142 yds. And Wright was on him all game. What did you like about that performance? He also was covering T.O. during his 220 yard game. All before he ever injured his knee. Youd be hard pressed to find a CB who had a worse year.
He's also a FA so he wouldnt need to be cut.

SIGN AND TRADE FRANKLIN. Sign and trade. Please tell me when that has ever happened in the NFL. This isnt the NBA.

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Don't bother making a 2.0
Why do you still have Carr on the roster??
Originally posted by Thorhawk:
Don't bother making a 2.0

That is too high for Harris. If we trade back, then yeah

Ayers is a top 15 prospect and arguably the best pass rusher in the draft, he won't be there in the 2nd

Kerrigan and his non stop motor wont be there in the 3rd

There are 55 players on that roster which means two would have to be cut and you don't even have philip adams as one of the corners. With the playing time he has had this year, I doubt a 5th round rookie CB (Walls) would make the team over him

Good effort but not realistic at all
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
Alright guys: we finish 6-10

GM- Floyd Reese
HC- John Gruden
OC- Gary Kubiac (spelling)
DC- Tampa 2 Guy (We switch to the 4-3)

OG David Baas
QB Troy Smith
FS Dashon Goldson (not givin the starting job 3rd S)
RB Brian Westbrook
LB TKO (2yrs)
DE Manny Lawson
OG Tony Wragge
DE Ray MacDonald (man is a beast)

DE Evans (has done nothing)
OT Sims (lost a step, 36)
K Nedney (may be done for his career, great 49er though)
QB Alex Smith (project is over, he goes to MIA)
QB Nate Davis (new staff doesnt drink the koolaide)
DE Parys Haralson
Cb Will James (trash)
FS Curtis Taylor

Free Agents:
RG Logan Mankins NE (big money, stabilizes the O-Line)
DT Barry Cofield NYG (new starter for the 4-3, replaces Franklin)
CB Eric Wright CLE (gets cut b/c of injuries but when healthy he is a good CB)
OT Tony Ugoh IND (labled bust, but still very raw/young 25, and with good coaching could give us good depth)

Sign and Trade NT Franklin to Denver for a 3rd round pick.

Trade: OG Chilo Rachel to WASH for 5th round pick

Draft: Luck stays and Prince and Peterson are gone

10th: CB Brandon Harris Miami 5-11 195 (total baller, pushes Nate to be the nickle CB where he can focus more on hitting and disrupting the middle)

2nd: OLB Akeem Ayers UCLA 6-4 252 (future replacement for Spikes, and helps us make easy transition to the 4-3)

3rd (DEN): DE Ryan Kerrigan Purdue 6-4 263 (non stop motor, passion for the game)

3rd: RB Noel Devine WV 5-8 175 4.31 (Think McCluster, matchup nightmare, game breaking speed, only reason he falls is b/c of injury and size)

4th: QB Pat Devlin Delaware 6-4 220 (Develope QB for Future, great arm and accuracy and has the "it" instict you can't teach)

4th: S Jeron Johnson Boise St 5-11 200 (gives us great depth at S and replaces the bum Curtis Taylor)

5th: FB Shaun Chapas Georgia 6-2 245 (Future FB in new system)

5th (WASH): CB Darrin Walls ND (good hitter and is the 6th CB)

6th: WR Armon Binns Cinncinatti 6-4 201 (reciever with some height, and nice hands)

Mock Roster:

QB Smith Devlin Carr
RB Gore Westbrook Dixon Devine
FB Chapas
WR Crabs Ziegler Williams
WR Morgan Ginn Binns
TE VD Walker Byham
LT Staley Ugoh
LG Iupati Snyder
C Heitman Bass
RG Mankins Wragge
RT Davis Boone

RE Smith Kerrigan
DT Cofield MacDonald
DT Soap Ricky-J
LE Lawson Laboy Gibson
OLB Bowman Brooks
MLB Willis McKillop
OLB Spikes Ayers
CB Spencer Wright Walls
FS Reggie Goldson
SS Mays Johnson
CB Harris Nate Brown

K Reed
P Lee
LS Jennings

1) Get some decent coaching for once
2) Make this Defense NASTY again
3) Fix the Secondary
4) Get a QB to develope with great tools
5) Fix the Gap at RG
6) Deal with the douche (Franklin)
7) Draft a Passrusher early

I wouldn't mind this draft. I think Devlin will be a high 2nd though and would rather have Marecic at FB.
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