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Is the 1998 SD-ARI Leaf Trade a Reasonable Price to Get Luck?

Is the 1998 SD-ARI Leaf Trade a Reasonable Price to Get Luck?

You never know how players are going to end up, but I think that the 1998 Cardinals-Chargers trade-up so San Diego could draft Leaf is a realistic expectation for any team looking to trade up:

San Diego Gets:

#2 Pick

Arizona Gets:
#3 Overall Pick
2nd rounder
1999 1st rounder
Eric Metcalf
LB Patrick Sapp

That's what I expect the price to be for a team to go from somewhere in the Top 10 to #1 overall for Luck.

San Diego only moved up ONE SPOT, but that was absurd.

So who do we trade to Carolina?
you never ever trade proven players for a draft pick EVER
NO. They gave up too much. And this board is too Luck obsessed IMO. He's good but not necessarily the instant super star in the NFL that he is portrayed to be.
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That is way too much to give up.

I'd be fine with what the Giants gave up to SD for Eli.

We trade 2010 1st round pick, 2010 3rd round pick, and a 2011 1st round pick to acquire Luck.

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I would consider giving up my first rd pick this year and my 1st rounde pick next year for there 1st this year and 2nd next year. I might even throw in a 3rd rounder if they throw in a mid rounder.
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