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Tyrod Taylor

Is Tyrod taylor in the draft he is a senior?
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Do not want lol... God damn luck looks waaaaaaayyy better
Originally posted by Quitugua:
Week in & week out he just reminds me of Mike Vick in college, especially with his speed & he could throw too. Opinions please on the Virginia Tech Hokie!!!..

that's racist
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Reminds me a lot of Troy Smith - relies on his physical abilities rather than pocket presence. He'll get drafted in the same range as well.
Troy Smith is a great comparison. I think Tyrod Taylor has nerves of steel and can make laser throws all over the field, even while on the run. That play he made as a previous poster said was one of the best you will ever see from a QB.

Orange bowl game, the Stanford defense completely dominated, especially in the second half. 8 sacks. If someone like Mallet was in there they would have had 15 or more. Tyrod did well to dance around the pressure, complete passes, and pick up positive yards on the ground on a few occasions. Guys were in his face almost immediately.

I'm a VT fan and he still will be like a 5th round pick at best. Maaaaybe 4th. If he had an ok line along with some better play calling, would get more respect. Dude was the main reason why VT did so well this year.
I'll pass. He's just MARCUS VICK 2.0

I think he could make a nice backup someday for a team and would be worth a 4th round pick. Anything earlier than that would be a reach. In my opinion he would never be a player that you would build an NFL team around.
i live in VA so i see all the hokie games. i like tyrod. i think he is a little better than troy smith but certainly not as good as vick. he takes care of the ball and only moves when he needs to. i think a late round pick(6th or later) would be a good spot for him. i would rather have him on our roster than nate davis.
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He will be the next Randle-El -- amazing college qb but not enough accuracy to get a shot in the nfl. He will be the WR who throws deep bombs on trick plays -- Unless he has the most amazing combine(i.e. throwing accurately in front of scouts) no one will want to take a shot at him, although this probably the best year for a guy like him to come out, VT fans and some people around the CFB and NFL have called him Mike Vick #2 so maybe off of hype alone he will get a shot at back up qb on a team.
Somewhere between BRAD Smith and TROY Smith.

I have only seen him in the bowl game and he did not play well. Even when he had time, I felt like he was innaccurate. I liked him as a runner, but did not show great vision in his running lanes. He is also short, and will probably get drafted around 5th-6th round...
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