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Draft theroy uncovered

Originally posted by 9erred:
I would value Two 2nd round picks over 1 first round picks any day of the week. The first round picks have so much guaranteed money, second rounders are a bargain, and the deal are for 4 years, instead of 5 years.

The numbers substantially drop in the second half of the first.

Also, I think it entirely depends on what type of team you have. If you're the 1-15 Rams you need some superstars and the top 10 will most help your team. If you're the (now) 7-9 9ers after your superstars have (hopefully) panned out (Willis, V-Davis), stockpiling second round picks (like the pats) to fill out all the pieces is a better move.

Edit: to simplify, teams get competitive with superstars, which are most readily available in the top of the first. Teams stay competitive and go over the heard (Pats, Steelers, Eagles) by having high success rates in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th after the superstars are in place (sometimes before, a la the Vikes with Peterson & Favre).

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Originally posted by danimal:
I completely disagree with this style. If I were a GM. my goal would be 50% drafted starters, 25% big time FA's and 25% gold nugget value pickups...late rounders, undrafted..etc. You are going to need the latter by the way, its the only way to stay under cap. Most Championship teams have 2 to 3 solid starters who contribute way more than they earn.

I prefer this style much better. You do not need to be loaded with 1st round picks (and potentially high priced superstars) in order to build a team. Not only do most championship teams have 2 to 3 solid starters that give waaay more bang for their buck, but they also find gems in rounds 2-5. It is in those later rounds that the scouting department really earns it's money. The 49ers are also a team that may not need to be so reliant on top 20 picks. We need more contributions from our later round picks.

They also need to be put in positions where they can succeed as well. I still don't understand why Jimmy Raye never used Michael Robinson for a few passes if he insists on running his version of the Wildcat. Or that we waited so long to incorporate 3 and 4 receiver sets considering the 49ers had 3700 or 3800 yards passing last season with "superstars" like JT O'Sullivan and Shaun Hill at QB. With the talent we have, I'd like to see a return the the 80's 49ers style of football, where we would pass to get the lead, and run a little more when we are ahead. By mixing it up a little more, we may find that the later round gems are already on our team (Hill. Morgan, Walker) and those names will be known to fans who aren't actually 49ers fans.
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