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Did you predict baalke would go OT/Iupati as #1 and #2?

Did you predict baalke would go OT/Iupati as #1 and #2?

when haden got nabbed i thought we would go earl thomas/OL...

i had sad prior to the draft that if we took two OL with our first picks i would throw a tantrum due to the over abundance of playmakers all over this draft class... however much to my surprise, i was actually quite excited about it once it happened and i realized the potential of frank gore behind the new line....and then we got Taylor Mays and things got even more okay..
Man420, you did me one better, because i wasn't really sure who was best OT after Okung, who i knew we couldn't trade up for(way too expensive), plus i didn't know who baalke & bigmike had as their pick. So i just said OT/iupati and hoped we got both. I didn't want USC's OT, because he was not starting material, and even tho rated as top 4 OT, didn't go til much later. So it was between Bulaga and AD, but i also posted we would have to move up to do that. My prediction was a move up to #8, (which was too high.) #11 was the correct choice, because it was either miami or miami in a trade to get AD. As i have posted previously, we got aced out of The Hawk by one slot (GB) and D'Brickshaw(jets) while waiting to pick them with our #6 /#7 or thereabouts. I didn't really think we could get AD at # 13. But who would have bet on baalke to move up? not me.

This for me was pretty good evidence that we got the man we needed as GM, not on personality, not on being a friend of family...but the old fashioned earning it.
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I was just hoping that Bulaga or Davis fell to us at #13, then at 17 I was yelling when we chose Iupati.

Two players that I hoped we would get at 17 were Iupati or Brandon Graham, but Scott would not take a guard this high and Graham was to short for scott to pick.
Yeah, Goro, that was the problem: scot didn't think OLs were worth a high pick, let alone two of them. He would never have made these two picks. One maybe, not both.
And that has been the basis of the problem for the 9ers since mooch, no OL. One brief gasp with LA and JJ for one yr, but only one. We look set to go that route again, thank God. And once you can run it, well, then you open up the lanes for passing. What will be intriguing will be to see if we landed a redhot RB or not, because you put two of them out there, and the D has a hard time keying on Frank. Bring on the season...Quick.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
I know I said thats what I wanted......but I don't think I predicted that's what the 9ers would do.


I didn't want Spiller. I didn't want Bryant. I wanted either first and foremost OT/OG and I would have settled for CB/OT.

But I was very surprised to see him draft both an OT and an OG. I know this is speculation, but I am sure that this is a move that McCloughan wouldn't have pulled.

Aus, it was comical the ESPN coverage of the two OLs. It was as if "no big deal". Kiper and mcShay barely acknowledged what baalke had done, especially since we had no official GM, and had "rookies" running the draft. I think the fact we did well without a big name east coast GM just hacked them off and they just ignored us. Typical.
depends if Haden fell to us.

Before the draft I wrote it would be a good thing to draft to linemen, not sexy but good for the team in the long run
I wanted Haden and Spiller LOL
It was what I wanted for ages, but deep down inside I wouldn't have wanted to bet on it happening.

It was Iupati, of course, which was the surprise. Everyone, I think, knew we would take an early tackle.

Just a great, great first round. And Mays in the second is a wonderful gamble.
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
Ceadder, that was the beauty of the totality of baalke's FA/draft. We ALREADY had Ginn, so that erased a reason for taking a WR/PR/KR BEFORE the draft even started. My recollection was i heard ginn was cut on ESPN, and not many minutes later we signed him. It didn't assure we would go OT/upoti, but it sure increased our chances.

Yeah I know but our return guys were so gawdawful last year that it would not have surprised me if Spiller had made it to 11 that we'd be talking about him instead.

Like I said I am happy as hell that we got Davis. I kind of had an idea that we were interested in him because he was one of the guys that we kept around for so long. But you never know. We kept Braylon Edwards for quite a bit in '05 and look how that turned out.

I know there is no set time but I had an idea. I just never thought they'd do it.

I will say however I was like YES! *fist pump* when we took both players.

But I was like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! YEAH! when we got Mays at 49. While I didn't call that I did say we needed a Safety there. Not sure about drafting another LB, though Penn State LBs' are generally pretty solid so I think that he could work out for us at 3. I don't know enuff about Novarro to make a case one way or the other. All in all I was impressed with the no nonsense way Baalke went about it.


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Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
Aus, it was comical the ESPN coverage of the two OLs. It was as if "no big deal". Kiper and mcShay barely acknowledged what baalke had done, especially since we had no official GM, and had "rookies" running the draft. I think the fact we did well without a big name east coast GM just hacked them off and they just ignored us. Typical.

Yeah but Steve got our licks in for us. He was like "An OT great move. An OG, that says that Alex Smith is OUR guy" I was SHOCKED that Steve said the word OUR. I've not once or ever heard that term used from him in a long time. And he didn't say it like he was speaking for the organization. He said it like he was still part of the team. I think THAT is what hacked Tom Jackson. Cause up to that point Steve was pretty statuesque and didn't have much to say other than a few nice pick comments. But he was truly fired up after we chose Iupati. It was almost like it was him that was going to be standing behind those guys this season.

I pitched the idea of trading up to grab at top 10 tackle and get Mike Iupati later in the round on the 19th. Couldn't believe it actually happened when it did. I was so excited for this season as soon as it happened. And they did it for a better deal than i proposed in my post.

just over halfway down
Well since Spiller wasn't available... I can't complain with the direction we took. We (hopefully) fixed our weakest link. I think we have the talent to succeed in all other offensive positions.

I thought Spiller was our quick fix to the playoffs just because we lost so many close games (6 out of 8 by 7 pts. or less). I thought he could easily win us another 2 or 3 games. But he's in Buffalo now, and not Seattle. We won't have to go against him too often.

In every other unit we have pretty decent talent, DLs, LBs, CBs, WRs, RB, even QB is somewhat decent. If Gore is able to pound the rock behind those two big boys, it can only help Alex and the passing game. Although I don't expect us to put up big yards through the air, I expect us to move the chains efficiently. And as long as the D doesn't all of a sudden decide to s**t a brick this year and the offense helps them stay off the field, we're going to the playoffs!
Considering how the board played out when the 17th pick came I knew it was going to be Iupati.

Joe Haden, Brandon Graham, CJ Spiller, Earl Thomas were all off the board, and Iupati really was the most logical pick after that.
I didn't think he would, but I was hoping he would.
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