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Did you predict baalke would go OT/Iupati as #1 and #2?

Did you predict baalke would go OT/Iupati as #1 and #2?

The question is did you predict baalke would go OT/Upoti with our first two picks, and did you make the prediction on the webzone?
I didnt think we would. Its a bold move I wouldnt have predicted. But Im glad we did.
I knew we were getting Davis but not Iupati. I thought we were gonna get Kyle Wilson which I wouldn't of been happy with. But 2 lineman with our first 2 picks is a in my book.
I know I said thats what I wanted......but I don't think I predicted that's what the 9ers would do.
I was hoping in all heck we were gonna draft both but I only had the singular feeling we were gonna draft either Anthony Davis or Iupati with just one individual pick, with the certainty we were going to go defense with the other pick.

What an awesome draft!
Haha there were about 4 or 5 of us who predicted Davis and Iupati #1 and #2 including yours truly....

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Many guys had elaborate draft packs, which is way beyond me. Also our luck in later rounds has been poor for last 12 yrs( FRank is exception in 3rd, and there are a couple others). Point is this team has basicallly lived or died based on its first and second picks; I predicted we take OT(wasn't sure who they really wanted, or could get, eg Okung) because our horribly glaring swiss cheeze OL was the joke of the league... who ran 8-10 men in the box because they knew we couldn't make 2 yds on 3rd and 2 , and also because they could blitz at will on our hapless qBs. To me it was pretty simple. We had to build the OL, and those 2 picks were critical, even tho it has only been done twice before in nfl(going back to 1970).

The fascinating thing to me was that so many guys on the zone were happy with one OL pick, and then had eyes on RB, S, CB, DT/NT, OLB, WR, etc. That never made sense to me, because of the old adage, which is true, "build the lines first"...and we hadn't done that since Walsh and Bob McKittrick.
I didn't think he would but I think that when Spiller went off the board at 9, he went the best way possible by sticking to positional choices that would help this team. Especially since we already have Ginn. I think they wanted to have a solid guy on the field regardless of Punt or Kick. Spiller would have fit the bill.

I'm kind of surprised(not sure if anyone has) that nobody has asked Baalke about Spiller and where he thought he should drop to rather than being taken by Buffalo way too high.

But I think they were going for the Des Howard type of player. Nevermind they have way too many holes that they had to fill.

Once Spiller was gone I was hoping he would address the Line. He did and I'm happy.

I was always hopeful for getting an OT and Iupatti. I wasn't sure who the niners would pick at #13 (or rather #11), but I started to lean towards Anthony Davis when rumor got out that we really liked him.

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Admittedly, i had no idea if baalke had the stones to do it or not. I hoped so and said that i "hoped he had the cojones to actually do it". When Upoti was announced, i literally screamed , "Yes! Way to go baalke. i don't know if the jedi is gonna make him GM, but based on one draft, which took some real sucking up your guts, he looks pretty dang good from here. Later rounds i never do because i just have too big an information gap. Also the vagaries of other teams picks usually screws up the best laid plans...the Raids, for example, last yr...and i guess this one too.

Ceadder, that was the beauty of the totality of baalke's FA/draft. We ALREADY had Ginn, so that erased a reason for taking a WR/PR/KR BEFORE the draft even started. My recollection was i heard ginn was cut on ESPN, and not many minutes later we signed him. It didn't assure we would go OT/upoti, but it sure increased our chances.

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Apr 22, 2010 at 10:19:30
13. A.Davis

17. M. Iupati
Double post...

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i was hoping he would i acually thought it would be OT and S
That's what I wanted.
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