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Scout Rob Rang on 49ers draft

Before we let it go completely, I wanted to solicit the opinion of a legitimate draft-watcher. Rob Rang, head evaluator for, is a guy I've relied on in the past for honest, insightful analysis. I talked to Rob today and checked off his opinions of the 49ers' maneuvers over the three days of the draft.

Overall, Rob really liked what Trent Baalke and company did last week. "Top to bottom, I thought it was one of the more solid drafts by any team in the league."

His impressions on Davis and Iupati

Anthony Davis:

I thought he was the most gifted player, in terms of size and athletic ability, of the entire group of offensive tackles in the draft.

Mike Iupati:

"What I absolutely love, he's the best pure drive blocker in the draft.

Taylor Mays:
"What I love is he's a great fit for San Francisco. They have some athletic ability at corner to protect him, which will allow Taylor Mays to be the physical intimidator he can be."

Navorro Bowman:
"This one surprised me because I think of him as a 4-3 linebacker, not necessarily a 3-4 guy. But there's no doubt the kid can make plays behind the line of scrimmage. Knowing how the 49ers have been building through the McCloughan era to now - athleticism trumps all. So he makes sense that way."

On Bowman's off-field travails, which included a campus fight and admission of marijuana use, Rang said: "With some clubs, I'd be concerned. I'm much less concerned when I consider the leaders on that defense, and of course Singletary."

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Nice to hear,sounds like we had as good a draft as i thought we did. Imonly concerned now about or corner depth,id like to see us re-sign dre' bly.
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