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OK, What the Heck is wrong with this guy...

Originally posted by ninertico:
Matt McGuire

I know I shouldn't hinge my feelings on draft sites out there, but c'mon man! What the heck is up with Matt McGuire from An F for Davis and a D for Iupati? Then he blows up Davis saying he has NO intangibles, none. WTF???!!!

Irresponsible sports journalism. I used to like the site because of the information, but not necessarily the opinions of those that run the site. I email Walter on occasion and we sometimes agree, but mostly disagreed this year. But, he doesn't make outlandish claims like that.

As of today, I lost all respect for Mike as a sports journalist and draftnik. I know some here really don't like them. Now I see why. I just read his analysis today and simply

my guts out. Then, I'm like, WTF.

He's entitled to his opinion, fricked up and whacked as it is.

Anyone else?

[Insert blasting here]

Meh-just save his quote and remind him next year of his ineptitude adn tell him to get another job.
Originally posted by tjd808185:
Originally posted by Overkill:
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Here's another guy named Drew Boylart from The Huddle Report who hated our 1st three picks . . .

I don't get it! The 49er's are going to a spread offense because Alex Smith can not handle any other style of offense. So what do the 49 er's do ? They proceed to draft two of the worse pass blocking offensive lineman in the draft! Anthony Davis OL Rutgers can run block but his techniques are so bad and inconsistent when pass blocking an old lady with a walker, a cane and a seeing eye dog could still make it to the QB faster then Anthony can get out of his stance. Add to that Mike (Turnstile) Iupati OG Idaho and these two boys are going to leak pass rushes into the backfield like crazed shoppers splitting the security detail on the first shopping day of the Christmas rush in a Wal-Mart store! Add to this Taylor Mays S/LB USC who lacks football intelligence, instincts and whiffs on tackles like a computer geek trying swing a bat at a baseball and you have a draft that just doesn't seem to fit what this team is all about. Unless the 49 er's have decided not to go to the spread offense and not to play Mays at all this draft was a big mistake. At least they finish the rest of the draft by drafting from the big college programs and could find a diamond in the rough...I hope!

I'd say his talent evaluations are questionable at best. I can specifically recall that he was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that Joe Flacco would be a bust for the Ravens and he touted our former 4th rounder Jay Moore as a sure-fire future Pro-Bowler at OLB.

Sounds like this guy can't see the forest for the trees. He's too hung up on the Alex Smith / spread offense stuff imo. Its clear Sing intends to build the offense he wants, whether Alex & his one year contract fit it or not.

The additions of Jimmy Raye and Mike Solari clearly indicate he wants a system similar to the one ran in KC when Vermeil was there. That system featured guys like Willie Roaf and Brian Waters, who are similar in style and build to Davis & Iupati. Their size and quickness is what makes them good fits for that system. Just take a look at Baalke's film review / sales job where he constantly talked about their quickness. I'm sure there was a reason for that.

That KC offense, built on a power rushing attack led by Priest Holmes (& later on, Larry Johnson), was consistently among the league's best in those years. It also featured a passing attack built around a TE. I would say that if Sing is building his offense around any particular players, it sounds more like he has Gore & Davis in mind than Alex Smith. So downgrading our draft because our selections don't fit the only system Alex can run (apparently, according to him) is pretty ignorant.

Wasn't that after Raye left though? If I'm not mistaken Holmes was a Vermeil pick up. Raye was out of KC upon Vermeil's hiring.

Yes, I believe that was after Raye left. But I believe Solari was the OL coach under both Raye and Al Saunders/Vermeil (somebody correct me if I'm wrong on that one). So the Raye connection isn't really a strong one.

When Vermeil got there, (if memory serves) I believe they traded for Roaf and signed Waters as part of an OL overhaul. I believe those guys are similar to Davis and Iupati (provided the picks pan out). I just think those KC teams better represent Sing's vision than the spread style offense we saw last year.
Davis and Iupati a D and F? I'll bet if we passed on Iupati and the Steelers picked him, that moron would be singing a different tune about how great a pick and player he is. Hey maybe we could sign his heroes, Perez Hilton to play RT, and Adam Lambert to play LG instead. Then he probably would give us an A+ !!!
Some historical nuggets from this guy:

04/30/09 - Philadelphia Eagles: I don't understand the pick of Jeremy Maclin. He will not produce for the next two seasons (bad route runner) and they already have a vertical/return receiver in DeSean Jackson.

Maclin went on to catch 55 balls for 762 yards during his rookie year.
its alright to not like a particular player and what not, but i get the sense this clown just says stuff for shock value, wonder how much tape he watches
He will just look foolish like a lot of other people who think they know everything. They are all frustrated wannabe GM's.
I hear ya...I swapped some e-mails with him WRT Niner picks...I told him Singletary's #1 priority was to upgrade his OL and Matt thought he knew better. I'm not usually one to say "I told you so", but in this case I will. He wasn't willing to accept a point of view different than his own and made no bones about, for me, it'll be the last time I try to communicate with him. He was a downright jerk about it..and I don't have time for people like him.
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