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The 49ers had two first-round picks and nailed both of them. Pro Bowl middle linebacker Patrick Willis came with the 11th pick, while tackle Joe Staley came with the 28th pick. Both have been starters since their rookie season. Third-round picks Jason Hill and Ray McDonald are both backups. Fourth-round safety Dashon Goldson started 16 games last season at safety, giving him great value as a second-day pick. Corner Tarell Brown, a fifth-round pick, started four games last season.

Grade: A

Niners, Jets and Ravens are the only A's

Prisco's kind of a dumbass -- he said after the draft last year that DHB is a better WR prospect than Crabtree.

And with the '07 draft, he's ignoring the fact that we had a sh*tty '08 draft because of '07:

We traded away the #6 pick in the 2008 draft for the #28 in the 2007 draft.

it sucked that we gave up that high of a pick. but i would do it again. who would we have taken with that pick? i see 3 guys that would have been worth giving up staley. clady, otah, and chris johnson. and we would not have drafted johnson that high.