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McShay's 2011 Mock Draft

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I wannnaaa Mark Ingram as a 49ers!! Ingram is damn the best a RB and has power to heavy to ran and hit them make to open and hole that way.

He's a good back but they are saying he is a top 10 pick. So if we get him it wil be because we had a s**tty year which is something we don't want.

hey.. u're damn right.. I didn't want him a top 10 pick.. pls pls.. don't tell people spread it about a 49ers. U know, other teams may hidden and secrets that will grab him.. who never know?

i like
This is a classic example of why a mock this far in advance has little to no meaning...the mockster's assuming he knows how teams will finish. Every year, there are suprise teams, both good and bad. BL: it's impossible to predict, and those who think they can are so full of themselves they lose their objectivity.
If (and I say if) Our Beloved team does have to choose another high round pick QB we better go after a decent veteran to go with him while he develops. No more of this 'throw him to the wolves' BS). I am tired of no trophies.
what a homo
Who cares. He plucks his eyebrows.
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