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Our new RB's

Blount and dixson are trains....they run over people and hurdle them quite a bit. for 6 foot 235 pound rb's that is ridiculous.

Dixon absolutely should make the team as a backup rb or a FB, same goes for Blount. Also, if Coffee is here we have 1 great rb in Gore and 3 bowling balls that run over and through people. Kinda like Brandon Jacobs but less fumbles.

check out dixon on youtube here

We are more than stocked at rb and now we actually have too many to keep. I think is we practice squad one of these players between Blount and Dixon, he will be picked up so we should move one to FB....what do you think?
a little ammo to trade
It really doesn't look good for Robinson right now. He's not the runner that our new and veteran RBs are, and if one of them -- or someone like Bowman -- shows exceptional special teams ability, I don't see how he hangs around. Will be an interesting preseason...
but we know that robinson is a good ST player...i dont see how the new guys can prove their ST ability in such a little time. and i'm sorry but preseason doesnt count.
Yes, Robinson *is* a good special teams player, and everyone knows if he weren't, he wouldn't be on this team. But he may not be so much better than someone else who can effectively play other positions (BU inside linebacker, FB, etc.) that he loses in the game of numbers. Like any coaching staff, Singletary and Schottenheimer will need to make that call. You've got to remember that the decision isn't a matter of what someone did last year, it's all in terms of the future.

I think it's true his locker room persona and role will help him a little, especially on this team, but I still think he's the guy on the bubble with the most to prove before final cuts.
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Robinson should be moved to FB and they should see if they can trade Coffee. Gore, Dixon and Blount is plenty enough at RB.
I agree somethings got to give at this position eventually. Too many bodies involved here.

LOL i can already imagine teams getting frustrated with our oline pounding their defenses and if they think gores a hard runner and are relieved when he gets a breather wait till they have to deal with dixon and then blount this team is gonna be f**king bullies and i love it. i want teams when they look at their schedule and they gotta play us saying f**k we gotta play the 9ers
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